Gorgeous Little Seabrook WA Cottage

Hubby and I visited the beautiful state of Washington and along the way discovered a quaint little town called Seabrook Washington.

It’s actually where Sunset Magazine just built their Idea Home!

We stayed in a little cottage that is part of the beach camp. These are only 600 square feet. We could hear the ocean pounding against the shore. It was magnificent. We loved it!

Seabrook Elevation

This is not the exact beach cottage we stayed in but in the cluster of homes at the beach camp!

Seabrook living

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny living room!

Seabrook kitchen

The kitchen was just to the left of the living room.

See the master bedroom below.
Seabrook master
I love the chandelier. All the furnishings were great.

Seabrook Bathroom

Seabrook loft

This bedroom was upstairs in a loft with literally a ladder going straight up very similar to the Tiny Houses. I didn’t care for that part too much.

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