What Small House Life can offer you!

Hi! My name is Darlene and I love what a smaller home can do for you.  Simplify your home for an easier, happier life. I love simplicity, and have found that choosing the small house lifestyle can enhance our world on so many levels. Welcome!
SmallHouseLife.com has
* Design Ideas
* Finance info
* Floor Plan dos and don’t
* Organizing Tips
* Storage suggestions
* Expand small spaces
* Outdoor Living
* and so much more..

Who is Darlene?

I live in the Texas Hill Country and I’ve built houses for most of my adult life.  My favorite part of building is the design.  I can sit for hours drawing up floor plans.. figuring out how to get the most living in the least amount of space.

Small homes have always intrigued me.  I mean how much space do we really need?  The key to a small space is HOW it lives!

Several years ago my husband took over the day to day construction management while I focused on building internet businesses. Now I’m merging my two loves (aside from my hubby and kids!) into one: houses and the Internet, hence SmallHouseLife.com

A small house, properly designed.. and brilliantly decorated :) allows us to use our resources beyond a hefty mortgage, big utility bills, extra furniture purchases, extra taxes!

I like the idea of building a nest that doesn’t have a lot of waste and one that can give us a more ‘freeing’ lifestyle. One of my favorite SmallHouseLife.com post is here.

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