Quaint 1600 sq. ft. townhome near downtown Austin TX

Quaint town home near downtown Austin, in a neighborhood called Clarksville, this 1612 square foot small..

Quaint town home near downtown Austin, in a neighborhood called Clarksville, this 1612 square foot small house gives great ideas of downsizing to a small space.

Remember, downsizing does not mean cheap!  I can attest to that in our downsizing story. It’s simply scaling back to create a home that works for you.

Front View

Simple, traditional architectural style that is timeless.  Not sure what’s up with the grill in the front because they have an absolutely tropical paradise in back.  But when considering a townhome or condo, do ask about grilling (if that’s important to you) because there are sometimes restrictions  on where you can barbeque.

Outside View

Here’s another view of the front façade. The outside furniture is tasteful to the town house exterior. Ahhh, ok now we see why the grill is in front.  Makes much more sense.

Living Room

Lovin the wrapped corner windows in the small living room.  Cozy, but gives a good visual with the windows.  A nice feature you don’t often find in Texas is the trim out of the windows.  If you can’t have wood windows, I personally think it’s a must.

Dining Room

Again, light and bright with the dining room windows.  FYI, bring that picture down about six inches.

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Very open plan.. A little too open for me, although I like the floating bar in the kitchen.  This is a very efficient design for a small kitchen to get the most use out of a smaller space.  Several elements of this bar that I like. One is the granite itself.  Universal color that would appeal to most people.  It’s a great contrast to the rich, hardwood floors.  And I like the slight curve which makes it better for guests sitting at the bar.

[note color=”#EBEBEB”]Note: If you’re building or remodeling, don’t let the Builder get cheap on you here. It’s not that much more $ to add a little knee room (I like 12″ minimum) with a bar.[/note]

Living Area

Here’s another angle of the main floor. I love the feeling that this photo represents. It’s cozy yet uncomplicated – simple and inviting… although they do need a little help with picture placement.  Gorgeous walnut wood floors.


The small bedroom has enough space for an amazing bed which goes to show you can have big living in a 1600 square foot house.

Bedroom 2
I’m tellin you, the abundance of windows is a huge plus for me with this townhouse.  Notice how this small bedroom multi functions to include a small study?  Double duty rooms are usually a must with smaller spaces.  Most likely this is a guest room.  A little crowded in here but nothing some IKEA furnishings couldn’t take care of.. [highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]See some of my fav IKEA picks below![/highlight]



OK, so I was 100% wrong on the patio.. That tropical paradise I was referring to is actually in the front here.  Hmmm, I’d have to see it, but I might be fine because it appears there’s still a lot of privacy.  It is lush don’t you think?

Pictures courtesy of Austin Land Company – MLS# 4146105

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