Green Cottage with Garage Apartment

Enchanting green cottage – Come along for a tour.. and get small house design ideas that you can implement in your own small home. We take..

enchanting green cottageCome along as we tour this enchanting green cottage!  This small house is a two bedroom, one bath and only 1073 sq ft.  It even has an attached 400sf 1/1 garage apartment.

What I love about the garage apartment concept is that you can live in a small house but have extra room for guests or a little B & B or even a place for caregivers to stay.  What would you do with the extra space?

“That cute, little cottage from down the block” will be the description of  neighbors living near this small home. It’s really something – brings out the feel of ‘living a simple life’.  I like it!  I know you’ll fall in love with this little cottage, too. Simple but gorgeous.. and lots of design and decorating ideas for small spaces.

Photos Courtesy of Realtor .com MLS# 7918560

Living Room

Nice, cozy living room... yet spacious with an abundance of natural light. From the outside look of the house, you’ll never guess this fancy living room, huh?  And don’t you agree less is more?  This is a perfect example oh how you don’t need a bunch of stuff to make a welcoming home.


This picture focuses on another angle of the small living room. Notice the fireplace? For a cottage, a fireplace is a great addition. I like the combination of the simple and very ‘futuresque’ style right there.  One observation I want you to be careful of: The TV is too high!  It looks like it can come down another eight inches or so.  If you’re putting the TV over the fireplace, my suggestion is to put it just and inch or two over the mantel.


The kitchen certainly looks awesome.  Crisp and white.  Modern and yet fits perfectly with the cottage feel.  And how about the built-ins to the right of the pantry.  No wasted space!  See how you can carve out extra living areas to take advantage of all the space you have?  The walls are a lovely grey/taupe to compliment the white..and the stainless appliances.  Oh, and the ‘never out of style’ hardwood floors.

Kitchen 2

The other angle of the kitchen. Gotta love that granite counter tops.. It’s Volga Blue granite from the Ukraine to accentuate the white cupboards.  And I don’t know about you but if at all possible put a window in the kitchen!  There’s just nothing like mindlessly day dreaming while preparing dinner or cleaning up dishes.  OK,  it’s time to cook!

Dining Room

This dining area definitely shouts a ‘close family’ dinner. Or maybe even a dinner for a newly-wed couple. First house… first dinner together at your own house… Again, notice how adding built ins..this time in the corners, just makes a small dining room or any small space for that matter, function more efficiently.


Now onto the master bedroom of this small house.  I like the way the bed and the other bedroom furniture are arranged. The wooden furniture and floors actually accentuate the comfy feeling here. Makes you want to just lay down for a while and drift away somewhere in your dreams. I also love that this room has many windows – makes it bright inside during daytime.  Notice the armoire angled in the corner.

Bedroom Nursery
I am a little surprised at the baby bed positioned perpendicular to the wall.. but apparently this 1073 square foot little cottage has pretty good size bedrooms.  Soft and sweet for the soft and sweet baby.  🙂  Check out the cool rug that covers almost all of the hardwood floors.. and then see what I suggest about hardwood floors under the next picture.

Bedroom 2

I like that the garage apartment bedroom is carpeted.  (See the roof tops through the windows.) Walking on a soft carpeted bedroom floor gives a calm feeling.   Here’s my personal opinion about hardwood floors:  They are fabulous in your main living areas, but not so much in the bedrooms.  I did a home with hardwood floors throughout, and was not happy with it.  The bedrooms always felt cold to me.  Just something to consider, and you’ll save a ton of money forgoing the hardwood floors in those rooms.


Yup, that’s the perfect yard right here! If you have kids, this yard will be very beneficial for games, outdoor picnics, camping out, or maybe some nice Sunday barbecue with the whole family… you name it!   You can do most anything in this spacey yard.  Always consider your outdoor living space when either buying a home or purchasing a Lot or acreage to build your small house.  It really matters!