Quaint Cottage – Small House has it all

Come along to tour this quaint cottage. This small house has gorgeous curb appeal.. The three bedrooms and one bath lives big at 1560 sq. ft.

Come along as we tour this quaint cottage.  Talk about curb appeal in a small house!  And behind that pretty face, are three bedrooms and one bath contained within 1560 square feet.   This small house makes it into our small house gallery because of the spaciousness of the living space.  Photos courtesy of Realtor.com MLS# 776566

Front Elevation of quaint small house

A very nice facade for a home, isn’t it? It’s almost like a dream home of young lovers starting out in their first home…. But this, I think, can be turned into a family home overflowing with children.. or maybe the perfect place to retire.   Quaint cottage.

Front 2

I included this picture so you’ll have a closer look of the front elevation..  
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Before we even step inside, we can see that they did a great job on the exterior part of this small house. The color is classic (for a classic home) and the wood front door gives it just enough interest.

Main Floor View

The main floor view above: I like that the main floor is quite spacey.   It is a bit cluttered.. at least for my taste.. but this area is roomy.  The hardwood floors are perfect and in great shape.. I love wood floors. It gives you the ‘homey’ and simple feeling.  Nothing quite like them for classic decor.

Living Room

This photo of the living room gives you the idea on what furniture and other décors you can put in. I like that the windows are all over – makes the whole room well ventilated and light and bright.  Personally, dark rooms are just too depressing for me.  Let the sun shine in!

Dining Area

Oh yeah, we definitely have a formal groove here in this small house.  But I’m still amazed that even with a ‘fussy’ look, there is still a lot of space for only 1560 square feet.

Alright, even though our quaint cottage is way too formal for my taste, I kinda like this master bedroom. 
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In fact, I like it a lot.  The green and white is fresh, and compliments beautifully with the wood furniture.

Now here’s a treat!  Cozy back yard deck surrounded by an English garden.  The only way you can get away with an uncovered area like this is if you either live in a cold area where you need that sun, or if the back of the house does not face west.

A broader view of the deck and garden.  This is really a gorgeous, spacious back yard.  Notice how they used greenery to create a privacy hedge waaay at the back of this picture.  While you can still see the neighbors over sized backyard building, it’s not unsightly due to the thick trees.

It sure is nice when your small house has an outdoor living space such as this quaint cottage.. It’s something to think about when designing your perfect living in a small house.

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