Waterfront Living in 1200 Square Feet

Take a tour of waterfront living in 1200 square feet to get great design ideas for small spaces. Who says you can’t have it all when downsizing?

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Ready for some awesome design ideas for your small space? Downsizing never looked so good when it’s dressed up with a panoramic lake view.

This upscale 1200 +/- square foot home is a perfect example of how ‘down-sizing’ can be just the right size for folks who want it all. Get ideas for your small house as we tour this gorgeous Horseshoe Bay lake front condo with just the right living space and a plethora of amenities.

Photos & info courtesy of Realtor.com MLS# 113928 – Contact at end of post.


Above is a good shot of the condo exterior. Whenever you’re considering a condo (as well as a single family home), you want to think about the aesthetics of the exterior. Does it make a good first impression? Does it have the desired curb appeal?

I will say one thing about this particular area.. Horseshoe Bay Resort.. It has an absolutely fantastic presence as you drive through the entrance. It breathes money with it’s lush tropical ambiance. If that matters to you, make sure to weigh it in when you’re considering different properties.

Living Area

Waterfront Condo Living Room space: Can’t tell too much about the living room other than it looks like you can get a full set of furniture in it. If you like to entertain, that’s important, or even if you simply want the feeling of a bigger home.

Living Room

Ahhh.. now we’re talking! First off, the living and kitchen spaces are open to each other while establishing boundaries with the kitchen bar. In my book this is a must in small living spaces. Otherwise you’re going to feel boxed in.

The second biggie is the view! Personally I could definitely downsize with a lake view like that. What’s so amazing about this view is that it looks like you get a wide open expanse of water, and not a puny canal where you’re looking across at your neighbor’s house.


Modern Well Designed Kitchen – Yes, very nice! It’s eye candy to be sure. Modern, with stainless appliances, built-in pantry and good color choices. It also has one of my favorite design features. When you have a good size pantry like this one, put it next to the fridge like you see here. That helps the fridge look semi built-in. A little more custom look, you know?

The only element I’d possibly change in this perfectly appointed kitchen, is the pantry door. I’d prefer it to open in the direction of the kitchen and not the other way. Check the swing of your doors if you’re building your own small house. It’s the details that matter.

Dining AreaOpen Dining and Living space – OK, we couldn’t see this so well before, but now we get a visual on how the living, dining and kitchen all flow together. Excellent design for this smaller square footage.

BedroomWow, even a water view from the master! Must be a pretty good size room if it’ll handle the big sleigh bed. But when you can cast your sight to a water expanse such as this one, I just don’t think it’s quite as important to get hung up on extra space because you will feel like you have the space.  Of course, crummy design can disappoint even with the killer view.. so you do want to look for a small floor plan with good design, such as this one.

BathroomI’m guessing this is the master bath because of the two sinks, although I’ve certainly seen two sinks in a second bath. Super storage with the long vanity.

Bedroom 2Here’s a look at the second bedroom with good size closet. I like closets with double doors like you see here so it’s easy to get in and find everything.

DeckBack Deck – Very important element to consider when you’re buying a condo as your small home. What kind of private outdoor spaces does it have? Here, you have a generous sized balcony. There’s room for a table and chairs, and even lounging chairs to soak up the view.. OK, I know there aren’t lounge chairs in this picture; I’m just saying there’s plenty of room for them. 🙂

Horseshoe Bay ViewOMgosh, are you kidding me?  Now do you see why we have condo lovers? This is an aerial view (I think it’s aerial) of the Horseshoe Bay Resort.  Actually I just found out that this picture was taken from the balcony of the condo and not a plane in the sky! LOL  Wow.

Of course, it’s possible to buy a single family home in a spot like this but typically you’re going to pay more.. and part of the appeal to small house life is downsizing the cost too.


We end this tour with yet another fantastic view of the water. Plus we have all the contact info below. FYI, the listing agent is a friend of mine, and she will take excellent care of you!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention one VERY important question to ask when looking at condos.. What is the parking situation? I believe this one has a garage which is a definite perk.

Courtesy of Realtor.com MLS# 113928 – Listing Agent Jan Busse 512.755.3889