Table Top Christmas Trees and more..

Table top Christmas trees may be small but they can pack a lot of punch for your small space. Get inspired with this group of small Christmas trees.

Table top Christmas trees are perfect for small houses and small spaces! We have table top trees, along with other Christmas tree ideas for the small area you want to decorate this year. And may you and your loved ones have a safe and Merry Christmas.  Dee 🙂

Photo Credit: Keith Scott Morton - Table Top Christmas Tree

The table top Christmas tree above will fit in practically any small space you want. It’s casual and fun.. practically a Charlie Brown Christmas tree actually. I love the blue and silver. Look at the silver bowl that the tree sits in. Elegant touch to an otherwise casual look.

Small Christmas Trees Embossed from Horchow

A trio of trees.. quite elegant. Even one or two of these gold and cream trees would be gorgeous. You’ll notice in the caption of each picture, we give credit to where we found the picture. In this case it was an actual store, so you can go their site and purchase, if you wish. Simple, but elegant, to be sure.

Photo Credit Jackson and Perkins

Now here’s a fun little Christmas tree. Green balls with silver poinsettia flowers.. Just enough Christmas cheer to be festive but definitely won’t take up a lot of room!

Whimsical dove small Christmas tree
Photo Credit Keith Scott Morton - Dove Tree

Oh my, the dove tree above is so unique. It just goes to show that with Christmas decorating, you are only limited in you mind. They took this plain little tree and made it magical by simply draping cutout doves to the branches. Beautiful, whimsical effect.

Small Christmas Tree Decorated
Small Christmas Tree Decorated

This table top tree also has doves.. but with a completely different affect. The gold doves are complimented with gold balls and a bright red tree holder with a single gold ribbon at the top and the bottom.

Mini Fauz Christmas Trees from Horchow

Check out the tree duo above. Quite unique I think. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a tree decorated where it wasn’t done as a whole. I mean, the bottom is decorated completely different from the top part. Great idea.

Front Porch Small Christmas Tree
Photo Credit HGTV - Front Porch Small Christmas Tree

Lovely small Christmas tree just outside the front door to welcome your guests and put a smile on their faces.

Double small Christmas trees by the front door
Photo Credit - Jackson and Perkins

A welcoming pair of Christmas trees to grace the entrance of your small home, or to place inside. Blue and gold stars compliment perfectly the rustic tree holders. Makes you want to go inside and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate doesn’t it?

I hope these Christmas trees will inspire you to have fun with your Christmas decorating. Looks like today’s Christmas trees are beyond the traditional lights and ornaments. 🙂

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