In ten years will you regret not doing it?

In ten years will I regret not doing it? That’s the question I ask myself as we begin a New Year. One of the most profound questions I heard this year..

The New Year is almost upon us, and as so many of you, I’m reflecting on the past year as well as what I’d like to do differently this coming new year.  One of the most profound questions I heard this year (from Marie Forleo) was:

[pullquote align=”left”]“In ten years, will I regret not doing it?”[/pullquote]

In ten years will you regret not doing it?.. Umhumm.. How about that?  Does that make you think or what?  It certainly got me to thinking about my life and am I living who I want to be.  For the new year, I want to do my “it.”  Or maybe several “its.”  Actually, yes.. several “its.”  So I’m writing this post not only to share with my readers what’s going on for me, but to also encourage you to explore what is most important to you.

There were many names I could have called  Stick with me here… there is a point.  The reason I added the ‘life’ in the domain name was to reflect that living in a small house was more a lifestyle choice than anything else.  That we might chose to scale back and ‘right-size’ because we are different people than we were.. say ten or twenty years ago.  We’re ready to start living our lives on our terms.  The idea of streamlining is to rid ourselves of the clutter in our lives (including the oversized house) that could hold us back from what we really want to do and be.

I have a New year's question

So what is “it?” What do we really want to do or be?  And what gave me complete clarity was to ask myself the question:

“In ten years will I regret not doing it?”

I love that, because this one little question has a way of cutting through the BS and getting to what matters most to us.

When I first pondered THE question, one of the desires I thought of was to make SmallHouseLife into a successful online business.  But when I asked myself the big question, I realized no, I would not regret not doing this site in ten years.. well, maybe a little.  But what I did realize was that this little site here, that I love so much and totally enjoy, is a vehicle that could offer me two of my heart’s desire.

1) To leave a legacy for my kids.
2) To write and publish a book!

I’m not going to elaborate on the above.  Anyone who knows me, knows just putting out there two of my heart’s desire for all the world to see, is huge.  So I leave it at that.

And then I got to thinking about what else on my bucket list would stand up under the question “In ten years will I regret not doing it?”

So, if you want to have a little fun.. and possibly boast your life into a place more align with how you want to live.. do this:

1) Create your bucket list.  Get in a quiet place and write, uncensored, everything on your heart.  Every desire, big and small, crazy or practical.  Don’t edit!  Don’t be thinking what so and so will think. You don’t have to show a single soul this list.  It’s for you.

2) Now go over the list and put to each item the question “In ten years will I regret not doing it?”  You’ll be surprised how fast you get to the core of what matters.  It’s not that you won’t do all the items on the list.. heck, maybe one of your items is to complete your whole bucket list, but this exercise will get you to the heart of what’s in your heart.

For me.. this year, I want to live my life like there’s no tomorrow.. and DO what I will regret in ten years if I don’t!  Because seriously, it does matter.

I’ll leave you with Marie Forleo’s video where I first saw the big question she offers her reader.  Have a Happy New Year.  Dee 🙂

Watch the video!  Marie actually asks another question that you might consider to be as thought provoking as the “In ten years will you regret not doing it?” question.  Plus she’s absolutely hilarious.

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