Small House Plans – 936 Square Feet

Small House plans analysis! We take a 936 sq.ft. small floor plan and critique the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s important to find a good

Small Floor Plans – 936 Square Feet – Review #2

Yoohoo! Our second Small House plans review! This is where we take a 936 sq.ft. small floor plan and critique the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s important to find a good plan but the true enjoyment of your home is in the details.

It’s so easy to miss ‘little’ things that end up being a huge disappointment later. We are here to hopefully help you avoid these mistakes.  Architect’s details of small houseplan. W266668GG Small House Plan

There are many things to love about this little cottage plan. Typically, for me when I see a plan I like, I start out thinking ‘oh, this house is perfect.’ ..And then I start tearing it apart. LOL But that’s not a bad thing because if the plan looks really good at first glance, often the undesirable aspects are easily rectified. But first you have to know what they are, right?
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One quick note: As I mentioned in our first analysis, just because I think a feature needs to be changed, doesn’t mean you want it fixed. My objective here is to simply point out what I see.. The good points you might want to keep in mind as you look for your own house plan.. as well as potential problem areas.

Small House plan Highlights:

  1. Very little wasted space – few hallways
  2. Nice entry with little foyer and closet.
  3. Interesting dining & family room ceiling details.
  4. Great big breakfast bar.
  5. Refrigerator strategically placed around a corner & against a wall.
  6. Although this is a small living room, there’s still a cozy sitting space with entertainment wall because of the design.  But do switch the door as I outlined under the “Negatives.”
  7. Like how the secondary bath cannot be seen from living areas.
  8. Secondary bath – Big shower, good size vanity, no linen closet but you can add cabinet over commode.
  9. Laundry closet has room for stackable washer/dryer plus small storage space.
  10. Decent size master bedroom tucked away, with good closets and roomy master bath.

Small House plan Negatives:

  1. The front door is placed sideways so you don’t see it from the street.
  2. Entry is directly into dining room. Personally I don’t mind it, but a lot of people do.
  3. No pantry in the kitchen
  4. Kitchen – I’d flip the stove and sink. Definitely!
  5. Family room: Have the exterior door swing from the right door because you’ll probably have a sofa against that right wall,and you want the door to swing out into an open area.
  6. Secondary bedrooms are pretty darn small; but this is a small house.
  7. Secondary bedroom closets are really tiny.
  8. No bathtubs in the house.  Not necessarily a deal breaker (or a problem with resale) but I like to have at least one.
  9. No garage, which means if you want one, you’ll have to buy a garage plan

Small Cottage

Charming elevation for this small house, don’t you agree?  Steep roof adds to the cottage look.  If you’re on a budget, you might want to bring the roof pitch down some to save materials cost.  That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed out 2nd small floor plan analysis.

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Do you want me to critique a houseplan that you are considering? I’d be glad to! If it’s a question, send me a tweet at But if you want a detailed analysis like we have on this page, then contact me here and we’ll see about adding you to our ‘House plan Analysis’ series.