Small White Kitchens

Love, love white kitchens! ..and now you can get small white kitchen ideas with newer, fresher kitchen decorating tips for your small home.

Small White Kitchens: I have to laugh at myself because this post did not start out to be about only white kitchens. I was just looking for gorgeous small kitchens where I thought we could all enjoy good small kitchen design tips, but then noticed they were all white!

So I improvised to bring you “Small White Kitchens!” LOL.. but seriously, I do love the fresh, clean look.. don’t you?

white kitchen
Southern Living Photo Alexandra Rowley

White Kitchen Design Notes: Where to begin? OK, notice how the kitchen sink cabinet has drawers underneath the doors! We did this in a bathroom and really liked that feature. Lots of shelving for maximum storage.  Smart to use a grey grout instead of white in the backsplash.

Beautiful white kitchen
White Kitchen photo:

This is a more upscale white kitchen. But if you take away the pictures on the wall and bar stools, it could actually go casual. So it just goes to show how home accessories can dress a room up or down.  Nice skylight although if at all possible, I’ll take a kitchen window over a skylight any day of the week.

small white kitchen
Coastal Living Photographer Tria Giovan

Minimalist white kitchen with the open shelves. My suggestion is that if you go that route, make sure you have a nice pantry as you see in this image.

Kitchen - ruthie sommers house beautiful
Photo by Ruthie Sommers

Oh how I adore kitchen windows.. so, how about two! This is my absolute favorite white kitchen of the bunch and I think largely in part because of the windows. We had three kitchen windows that wrapped a corner in our big house.

If at all possible, I’d like to have an apron kitchen sink, next time we build a house.  Typically, they are super duper expensive, although I did find one at Lowes for less than $500 bucks!  >> Stainless Apron front Kitchen Sink

Kitchen House Beautiful

Gotta love the black accents in this white kitchen.  It’s rare you see anymore a tile counter top because I think most cooks want a solid service, but I do like the traditional look of it.

small white kitchen

This is one of my favorite white kitchens because it blends the best of old and new.  White cabinets warmed by hardwood floors.  Salvaged wood inset in the freshly painted new wood.  Traditional glass cabinets with a shelf in between.  Large kitchen windows!  Circle or ‘penny’ tile backsplash.

white kitchen

Had to give you a second look from a different angle of the same kitchen. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about this kitchen.

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