Colorful Bulbs to Brighten a Winter Day

Easy Colorful Bulbs to Brighten a Winter Day. No fuss, no muss colorful bulbs will bloom year after year. Get the easy ones that

No matter how small your space.. colorful bulbs can brighten up a winter day.. even if your winter is more like springtime, as we’re now enjoying in Texas. Either way, these easy bulbs are a breeze to enjoy.

Paperwhites Bulbs
Photo: gardenerscom

Paper whites bulbs (Narcissus papyraceus) are one of the more popular winter bulbs because they’re super easy to grow.

Paper whites don’t require a chilling period, so forcing them is as easy as putting the bulbs in water and waiting a few weeks for bloom.

But if you don’t want to go through the time and work of forcing the bulbs yourself, you can simply pick them up at your nursery.

And of course, aside from the gorgeous flower, they are an extremely fragrant flower.

Next up is the ever popular bulb, the Amaryllis. Love, love the red.. especially as it’s showcased against the crisp white you see in this picture below.

Amaryllis Bulbs Van Chaplin

Amaryllis planted in the yard, make a stunning display if you cut their flower stems and place them in a sturdy vase. The best time to cut the flower stems is when the first bud has colored and is just ready to open.

But like to just purchase Amaryllis and place in pots to enjoy..

Purple Crocus Bulbs
Photo: Crocus Bulbs from ufseeds-com

The crocus bulb (from the iris family) will also brighten up a winter day with the vibrant, intense colors.

I like to combine a deep purple with yellow for a shock of color.

You can add a white to soften the purple and yellow, if you like.

And you know they’ll come back right?  That’s why I like to plant in a planter out on the patio. Perfect for any small space, really.

After the blooms die, the plants withers away to nothing.. until next winter/spring when the shoots push through the soil to give you another riot of color!