Black and White Small Bathroom Ideas

Black and White Small Bathroom. Get small bathroom ideas with black and white images, tips, suggestions. Lots of great storage and appealing..

For a timeless look, go with the black and white bathroom.  It looks so fresh and I love the crisp, clean classic style.  You can jazz it up by giving it pops of color.. red, yellow, blue.

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Small Bathroom Black and White Image
Small Bathroom - Black and White

My husband and I built this tiny bath as a seldom used upstairs bathroom. It was in a Tuscan home and I wanted the style to look as good in twenty years as on the day we built it.  This small bath size measures 8′ x 5’3″.

And of course, we wanted the illusion of space so as not to feel confined.

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So, one of the ‘space enhancing’ features of this small bathroom is extending the mirror over the vanity the entire width of the wall.

BTW, the vanity cabinet is 34″ wide.

Then we put a fun, vibrant picture on the opposite wall to reflect in the mirror as you walk in.

Having a large mirror also reflected the lights over the mirror.  I think that vanity light had 6 bulbs, so in essence, it seemed like we had twelve lights which gave off a lot of spark.

The light was purchased at Lowes. The counter is black granite.

Notice that we brought the tile up on the walls for continuity. You can see how it is behind the toilet and on the opposite wall as seen reflected in the mirror.

Small Bathroom mirrored medicine chest
Extra large medicine cabinet 26h x 20w

Speaking of mirrors, to further the look of wide open space, we used a mirrored medicine cabinet. We accomplished two objectives with this particular medicine cabinet (purchased at a close-out sale at Home Depot.) It also greatly extended our storage space. I loved how the entire cabinet was mirrored inside as well as out.

And we used a really big medicine cabinet for just that much extra storage for our small bath. As noted, it was 26″H x 20″W.

Small Bathroom black and white paper towel
Give guests the option of using paper towels.

Something we like to do with a guest or hall bathroom is to give our guests the option of drying their hands with paper towels. You can see to the left how we did this for our black and white bath.

You can even use a wall mounted paper towel holder.. but if you do that, make sure it goes with your overall theme like the one we used was black iron.

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Peek a boo Shower Curtain gives a bigger feel to bath.

For the shower curtain, we bought (online but I think I even saw this one at Walmart!) one that allowed us to see through to the bathtub wall. We did this for two reasons. One, once again we wanted as much feeling of space as possible.. but also so people could see how pretty the tile was.

When going small you need all the help you can get, so we added an inexpensive shower ledge for shampoo and such.

Black and White bath storage alcove

The built in counter and storage alcove that you see in the picture above illustrates how you can create ‘big’ in a small room.   This was not part of the original floor plan and indeed I had to convince both my husband and our framer because they both thought it was too insignificant a space to be of any use.  This ‘dead’ space measures 23″ wide by 18″ deep and I want you to just look at how much it adds to this small bathroom.

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In my opinion, it’s the difference between a tiny cramped bath, and a small yet functional, enjoyable bathroom.  In that small space, there’s now a nice counter area with an electrical outlet.. a good size drawer, and big storage below and above.

Black and White Hexagon Floor tile
Black and White Hexagon Floor tile

Above is the close up of the black and white hexagon floor. This is a fairly easy tile to find. And inexpensive too!  It was about $3.00 per foot at Lowes.

TIP: Use charcoal grey grout instead of white. It’s much easier to keep clean. I was a little worried about the dark grout when my husband suggested it, but I think it turned out great.

Another element I want you to notice is the black tile used as a border all along the bottom of the wall. There is actually tile you can buy for this area. It has a little curve along one side and you’re supposed to put it along the bottom next to the floor. I just used regular 4×4 tile there instead because I didn’t want that curve.. it would serve as a dust catcher in my opinion. Going with the regular tile saved money too, because any time you go with something a little different, it costs extra.  That’s one way the manufacturers make extra profit.

As mentioned, we purchased a lot of the items for this black and white bath at Lowes. Click here to check out Lowe’s current promotions.

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