Cool Water Features for Small Spaces

A simple way to add pizazz to small spaces is with a water feature. Most of the water fountains can be used for indoors or outdoors..

A simple way to add pizazz to small spaces is with a water feature.  Most of the water fountains in this article can be used for indoors or outdoors.  I once saw a wall fountain in the foyer of a model home.  It was gorgeous but I noticed when I installed an outdoor fountain at our Tuscan home, the water sometimes splashed on the floor.  So that is something to consider.

These fountains can be found here >> Garden Fountains

Wall Fountain
Corinthian Wall Fountain at our Tuscan Home

Sometimes I like to add flowers to the fountain.. I can pretend I’m in Italy! Usually you’ll just want to leave the flowers in for a day or two so as not to muddy up the water.

Water Feature with Flowers
Water Feature with Flowers

My favorite place to buy water features is at Garden-Fountains because they have a huge selection at reasonable prices. The fountain in the above pictures is called ‘Corinthian Wall Fountain’ ($149.00) which was perfect for the old world charm of our Tuscan home. I think the Corinthian would also look good in a small house bungalow or craftsman style.

Apparently the Corinthian is one of their best sellers which I didn’t know when I purchased mine.. but I can certainly see why it is!

Water Features for your small space:

Water features are defined as anything water related in your garden or home decor.  That can include garden fountains, small pools and ponds, waterfalls, and cascading water.   Today it’s easy to find a water fountain that fits your style, whether it be classic, modern, beachy.. there are lots of unique water features available.

Archimede Lite Wall Fountain
Archimede Lite Wall Fountain

The Archimede Lite Wall Fountain from Garden Fountains is a modern twist.  Here you see it in a silver lead look but it also comes in a blackish iron look for a more rustic setting.

The water trickles from a little spout on the classic backplate into a relatively deep well basin.

Clean simple lines on this fountain and the single water spout make for a soothing water experience.

Along with the variety of different styles of water fountains, they each come with their own unique sound.  Do you like the distinct sound of a solo spout or would you prefer the sound of multiple water streams?

When you shop at Garden Fountains, they usually have YouTube videos so you can hear the different water sounds of the fountain you’re considering.

Now the table fountain below has a distinct Grecian flair.  The Cara Classica Fountain as it’s called, brings just the right touch of Old World elegance to your garden or patio.

Water Fountain - Cara Classica at garden-fountains
Water Fountain - Cara Classica at garden-fountains

So you can see with this table water feature above.. you don’t have to have a lot of room to pack drama into your decor.  I’d much rather have a small home with one of these cool water features, than a large, plain house.

When you downsize to a smaller house, you’re more likely to have additional funds to add extra perks such as these.

Flower Angel Wall Fountain at Garden Fountains
Flower Angel at Garden-Fountains

<< Now this one to the left here, is a delightful fountain with intricate flowers and even an angel.

It has an antique limestone finish and the water flows out of the bowl that the angel is holding and cascades down onto the ledge..

Then look how the water flows out of seven smaller spouts into a larger basin right below that, creating a soothing, beautiful water element. So you get two water falls, one in the basin the angel holds and then the seven spouts.

I might have bought this one if it had been available when I made my purchase. Well, I guess there’s always next time!

I really like the angel and the row of seven water spouts.

Water Fountain Installation

There are two different ways to install your water fountain for your small space.

1) Most fountains are made where you simply have water recirculating within the fountain. No plumbing is needed and you just plug into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet.

The beauty of this method is that it’s easy to install. The only negative is that you have to watch and make sure to refill the basin with water when it gets low.

2) The second method is where you hook up to a water line in your house. This is obviously more difficult to install but you never have to worry about the water level and possibly buring out your pump. And in a hot Texas summer, that can matter.
[note color=”#FFFFE0″] All the water fountains featured in this article, can be found at Garden Fountains. We bought our fountain there because they had a huge selection and great prices.

Also in the spirit of full disclosure, if you make a purchase through our links, then makes a small commission. [/note]