Small Houses in Salado Texas

Take a tour of small houses in Salado Texas that come big with Texas charm.. From beautifully restored historical homes to newly built small..

[adrotate banner=”30″]Hubby and I took a road trip to see small houses in Salado TX a couple of weeks ago. Well.. actually we went to have lunch at our friend’s new restaurant and took the camera along so we could snap shots of fun and funky Salado houses for our Small Home Gallery.

This first small house is one of my favorite and I’m sure you can see why. I think the home owners hit it spot on with the green color. You really have to have a good eye for color to choose the right green. Accent it with crisp white and then they used a deep maroon for pop. Not too much, but just the door and top of the columns.

I had to give you a close up because this little house wallops a whole lot of charm with the painted ivy around the front door. What an awesome idea! Whimsical and tasteful. Look at the front door.. That is not an expensive front door at all, but is perfect for this quaint small house.

I love this next house. Kind of looks like a renovation to me. Almost a 60’s house. What do you think? Nice inviting front porch with lots of space for relaxing in our hot Texas sun. Notice the white wicker chairs that brighten it up.

Now this is a little blue and white house we came upon as we went around the corner of a quiet street. Wait until the next picture. You won’t believe the vegetation surrounding this cute home. But before you go, check out how the front door is off to the side on the right.

Whoa.. here we go! The house was practically hidden behind trees and ivy.
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Notice the low Texas stone wall surrounding the property in the front here. Who needs a picket fence when you can have this gorgeous stone ‘fencing.’

Remember I said this small house was on a corner?  Here is the left side of the house.  I wish I could have gotten a closer picture of the side door.  Can you see the stained glass bordering the inside glass?  And how about the flowers at the door?  I love when you see old houses with the shed roof line that goes down low like in the back (to the left.)

Here we have again a green house and they also did the maroon accents.  Front door in red, just like our first house but they took it a step further and painted their wood windows red, also!
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Just a little country house with a welcoming front porch.

I almost didn’t put this next picture (below) in because the house is almost totally obscured by the tree and it’s hard to see.   But you don’t often see the Caribbean style here in Texas so I thought I’d show you anyway.

It’s got the hip roof and double french entrance doors with french doors flanking side by side.  The white rock you see is definitely Texan as it is one of the most popular stones in the state… mainly used in the Texas Hill Country because it’s quarried here. .

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So they have a blend of island flair meets TX!  ..I just had to show you.

Salado Texas stone plantation house

This little house was in the same neighborhood as the one above. It’s obviously a fairly new home. Huge gable that is saved from being monotonous with the medal Texas lone star. Modest, tidy home.

Salado newer small home

Our last small house in the Gallery is a cute (what I like to call ‘Grandma’ house) of slate grey and white.  Notice the fish scale siding in the gable on the left.  I’ll get you a bigger view of that in a minute.  I like the transom over the front door for added light.  And of course, who can resist the white picket fence?

Salado house grey w white picket fence

OK, so here you can see the detailing of the fish scale. And look at all the other detail in this lovely small home. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a half circle quite like that under the gable. And check out the gorgeous window glass.

Salado house w fish scale

Well that’s it for our very first Home Gallery tour.. I think the beautiful small houses of Salado Texas did us proud.

For those of you not from TX, Salado is a quaint town just north of Austin as you’re on the way to Dallas.. off Hwy 35.

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