IKEA – Small House 376 Square Feet

IKEA Small House pictures show us how to get a whole lot of living out of a tiny 376 sq. ft. floorplan. Get small house design tips along

[adrotate banner=”30″]Here is our first IKEA post of a small house.. There’s a big IKEA in Austin, Texas right off Hwy-35, as you go towards Dallas. Hubby and I went there to purchase cabinet drawer pulls and thought it would be fun for our viewers at SmallHouseLife.com to see some of IKEA’s small house decorating. So the small space you’ll see today is a 376 square foot small house with living room, kitchen and small eating nook, bedroom and small bathroom. Oh! and loads of storage.

IKEA Store Texas
Just had to show you the outside of the Austin IKEA because, number one, it’s pretty darn impressive.. you can see it for miles, but also I wanted you to get a good look at that gorgeous Texas blue sky. This picture was taken Dec. 2011.

IKEA 376 Floorplan
IKEA 376 Square Foot Floorplan

Check out the photo above to get the small house floorplan. This will help you visualize the space as we move from room to IKEA room!

IKEAS 376 Bedroom
OK, so first up is the small bedroom. A brilliant way to get the most living out of a small space. Basically the bed is built in by surrounding it with storage compartments. You have the compact bedside tables (with drawers) and hanging storage units,along with full size clothing storage units. And notice the bedside reading light attached to the wall so as not to take up precious table space.

IKEAS 376 Living

Moving right along into the small living room. You’ll have to excuse all the IKEA tags. Obviously there’s nothing I could do about that. So just try and tune them out! Again, storage units mounted overhead to take advantage of the dead space over the sofa. See how the ottoman doubles as storage?

Smart, and you can now get an array of different sized and colors of ottomans almost everywhere these days.. Marshall’s, Ross’s, TJ Max.

IKEAS Living Room

Here another view of the small living room as you look to the kitchen. I like how they used one floor type for continuity into one space from another. This is an easy trick to use to extend the feeling of space when you actually have practically none. 🙂

IKEAS KitchenAhhh, we’re at the galley kitchen. Who would have thought they could even get dining seating in here, but they did! Run the major components against one wall..

Fridge, sink, stove, with complete storage cabinets. Then the other side of the small kitchen is utilized for the dining space and even a butcher block table for additional prep space. The next picture is a close up of the storage space you see over the dining table.

IKEA Kitchen shelfAs promised, a closer look at the storage unit over the dining table. Even though IKEA went for a more decorative look, you could use the storage cubes for cook books, dishes, etc.

So, there you have it.. our first ever IKEA small house tour. We’ll have more soon!

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Small Kitchens Styles with Big Personality

Who says small kitchens are boring? Check out these kitchen styles from light and bright coastal, to sleek modern, friendly farmhouse, unique

[adrotate banner=”30″]Showcase of small kitchens styles with personality bigger than Dallas! All the images in this post are from Kraftmaid.com. We strive to include whatever cabinet specs were listed so that if you want to look at a particular cabinet it should be easy to find.

While we appreciate how gorgeous the cabinets are, this article is designed to highlight different small kitchen styles to give you ideas for your small home. That means we’ll go through and tell you what we like as well as what we don’t like about the various features.

Small Kitchens Kraftmaid Farmhouse Style
Photo: Kraftmaid Farmhouse Style

First up is a modern farmhouse appeal in the picture above.  You have to be fairly bold.. read ‘neat’ to go for the open shelves.  I’ve never had open shelved upper cabinets myself but have always liked the way they look.  And of course you also need some pretty snazzy dishes to pull this off.  Mismatch won’t do.

Check out the farmhouse apron front sink in this small kitchen.  Another feature I’ve yet to experience but love.  We thought about putting it into our Tuscan house but didn’t because of the cost.  They are about three times the cost of a conventional sink. If you go to Lowe’s kitchens and search ‘apron front kitchen sink’ you’ll find the least expensive is a stainless steel sink at about $445.. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I looked up the price of a farm sink like the one in this picture with the raised back.. $1,750! Yeeeaah, pretty but pricey.

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Notice the kitchen table right smack in the kitchen instead of a typical bar. I think it makes for a cozy farmhouse appeal. Cabinets are a maple cabinetry in Biscotti with Cocoa Glaze with a matte nickel hardware.

Small Kitchens Kraftmaid Modern Style
Small Kitchens Kraftmaid Modern Style

Very slick contemporary kitchen.. and how about that back-splash? Almost looks like a tin of some sort that you can get in sheets to go on the ceiling.. Not sure I’d want that for the long haul. Cool bar design, though. You have the taller part and then shorter size just perfect for dining for two.

Modern, natural finish, quartersawn cherry cabinetry. Slab doors add a dynamic feel to the space. With Contemporary, less is more.. and the lean look is ideal when you’re short on kitchen space.

Photo: Kraftmaid Coastal Style
Photo: Kraftmaid Coastal Style

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Ahhhh, pretty, pretty! Bright and coastal kitchen. Again, open shelves but they added a row of cabinets at the top with doors. Nice how they are lit inside. Kind of the best of both worlds with open shelving and then the closed ones to compliment.

My favorite part of this small kitchen is the floor! Love it. Just pick out two different wood colors and put them together for contrast.  I like the sharp contrast in this picture but it would look good in a slightly less contrast, also.

Cabinetry in Biscotti with Coconut Glaze and warmly lit satina glass doors.

Kraftmaid Black and White small kitchen
Kraftmaid Black and White small kitchen

OK, folks, you know I LOVE black and white!  The black in this kitchen is used sparingly so as not to overpower.  Glass doors with contrasting black back panels create a dramatic backdrop for putting special serving pieces on distinctive display.

The white marble counters give a formal feel.  You could go a little more casual with a different counter.  Maybe granite?

Kraftmaid Scandinavian kitchen
Kraftmaid Scandinavian kitchen

Speaking of casual, this small kitchen is that and more.  Long rows of open shelving for dishes, light woods and beaded cabinet doors give this kitchen a smooth Scandinavian feel.  I’d probably go with a tile floor because the wood is a bit overdone between the cabinets and wood floors.  Even a brick pattern tile would look good.

Kraftmaid Marquette small kitchen
Kraftmaid Marquette small kitchen style

Not sure those counters are blue above? ..but except for the possibly blue counters, you’ve got a classic theme here with the dark wood and brick patterned back splash.  A classic subway tile would also look nice.

I’m glad they went with large tile on the floors.  Wood would have been a bit much, don’t you think?  Then Marquette cabinets in Sunset Cherry warm up the kitchen with a layer of rich woods to make this a traditionally styled kitchen. Accent lighting under the cabinets imparts a cozy glow.

Kraftmaid Galley small kitchen
Kraftmaid Galley kitchen with floating bar

Now this kitchen above has a nice blend of a rich wood for the hardwood floors and creamy white cabinets.  I think a granite counter to pull the dark wood and light cabinets togehter would actually look better than what they have.

No wasted space with cabinets even in the bar.  Smart move in a smaller house that’s for sure.

Cove molding and the square raised door panels add quite the architectural interest to this bright and spacious kitchen in Kraftmaid’s cream Thermafoil.

Kraftmaid Kaffe cabinets
Photo: Kraftmaid Kaffe

Clever use of space in the galley kitchen above.  The bar isn’t a bar in the traditional sense.. with the lovely glass cabinets you can’t exactly scoot up and have a cocktail.   But that problem is solved with the cute table height eating space for two.

Tall wall cabinetry in warm Kaffe resembles beautiful art on these walls and provides much needed storage to a small kitchen.

Kraftmaid transitional kitchen
Kraftmaid transitional kitchen style

Fun, fun!  I left the most unique kitchen for last.  There are many interesting elements to this striking kitchen.

Sleek, contrasting door finishes with 4′ slate tile back splash.  Now I do have to warn about a slate back splash.  Slate is somewhat common in Texas.. less than it used to be because people started noticing the problem I’m getting ready to tell you about.  Here’s the BIG negative: It’s porous.  And porous materials absorb everything including grease and spats from cooking.  You can’t get it out so it starts looking splotchy.  If anyone tries to tell you it has sealant on it and it’s fine, I’m here to strongly disagree.  I’ve never seen a sealant yet that can stand up over time.  Your lovely slate will start looking dirty; trust me on this.

Notice how the microwave is built into the right side of the bar.  Smart.  Hubby and I often finish out our kitchen bars with the panels like you see here.  It gives that ‘furniture’ component.  Much better than painted sheetrock that gets kicked while sitting at the bar stools,  and starts looking tired.

Well, that’s it.  I hope you liked our journey through all the different small kitchen styles.

If you want to peruse the Kraftmaid cabinets, you will find them at Home Depot or Lowes.

Cool Water Features for Small Spaces

A simple way to add pizazz to small spaces is with a water feature. Most of the water fountains can be used for indoors or outdoors..

A simple way to add pizazz to small spaces is with a water feature.  Most of the water fountains in this article can be used for indoors or outdoors.  I once saw a wall fountain in the foyer of a model home.  It was gorgeous but I noticed when I installed an outdoor fountain at our Tuscan home, the water sometimes splashed on the floor.  So that is something to consider.

These fountains can be found here >> Garden Fountains

Wall Fountain
Corinthian Wall Fountain at our Tuscan Home

Sometimes I like to add flowers to the fountain.. I can pretend I’m in Italy! Usually you’ll just want to leave the flowers in for a day or two so as not to muddy up the water.

Water Feature with Flowers
Water Feature with Flowers

My favorite place to buy water features is at Garden-Fountains because they have a huge selection at reasonable prices. The fountain in the above pictures is called ‘Corinthian Wall Fountain’ ($149.00) which was perfect for the old world charm of our Tuscan home. I think the Corinthian would also look good in a small house bungalow or craftsman style.

Apparently the Corinthian is one of their best sellers which I didn’t know when I purchased mine.. but I can certainly see why it is!

Water Features for your small space:

Water features are defined as anything water related in your garden or home decor.  That can include garden fountains, small pools and ponds, waterfalls, and cascading water.   Today it’s easy to find a water fountain that fits your style, whether it be classic, modern, beachy.. there are lots of unique water features available.

Archimede Lite Wall Fountain
Archimede Lite Wall Fountain

The Archimede Lite Wall Fountain from Garden Fountains is a modern twist.  Here you see it in a silver lead look but it also comes in a blackish iron look for a more rustic setting.

The water trickles from a little spout on the classic backplate into a relatively deep well basin.

Clean simple lines on this fountain and the single water spout make for a soothing water experience.

Along with the variety of different styles of water fountains, they each come with their own unique sound.  Do you like the distinct sound of a solo spout or would you prefer the sound of multiple water streams?

When you shop at Garden Fountains, they usually have YouTube videos so you can hear the different water sounds of the fountain you’re considering.

Now the table fountain below has a distinct Grecian flair.  The Cara Classica Fountain as it’s called, brings just the right touch of Old World elegance to your garden or patio.

Water Fountain - Cara Classica at garden-fountains
Water Fountain - Cara Classica at garden-fountains

So you can see with this table water feature above.. you don’t have to have a lot of room to pack drama into your decor.  I’d much rather have a small home with one of these cool water features, than a large, plain house.

When you downsize to a smaller house, you’re more likely to have additional funds to add extra perks such as these.

Flower Angel Wall Fountain at Garden Fountains
Flower Angel at Garden-Fountains

<< Now this one to the left here, is a delightful fountain with intricate flowers and even an angel.

It has an antique limestone finish and the water flows out of the bowl that the angel is holding and cascades down onto the ledge..

Then look how the water flows out of seven smaller spouts into a larger basin right below that, creating a soothing, beautiful water element. So you get two water falls, one in the basin the angel holds and then the seven spouts.

I might have bought this one if it had been available when I made my purchase. Well, I guess there’s always next time!

I really like the angel and the row of seven water spouts.

Water Fountain Installation

There are two different ways to install your water fountain for your small space.

1) Most fountains are made where you simply have water recirculating within the fountain. No plumbing is needed and you just plug into any standard 3-prong electrical outlet.

The beauty of this method is that it’s easy to install. The only negative is that you have to watch and make sure to refill the basin with water when it gets low.

2) The second method is where you hook up to a water line in your house. This is obviously more difficult to install but you never have to worry about the water level and possibly buring out your pump. And in a hot Texas summer, that can matter.
[note color=”#FFFFE0″] All the water fountains featured in this article, can be found at Garden Fountains. We bought our fountain there because they had a huge selection and great prices.

Also in the spirit of full disclosure, if you make a purchase through our links, then SmallHouseLife.com makes a small commission. [/note]

Black and White Small Bathroom Ideas

Black and White Small Bathroom. Get small bathroom ideas with black and white images, tips, suggestions. Lots of great storage and appealing..

For a timeless look, go with the black and white bathroom.  It looks so fresh and I love the crisp, clean classic style.  You can jazz it up by giving it pops of color.. red, yellow, blue.

We bought lots of products at Lowes. Shop Bathroom at Lowe’s

Small Bathroom Black and White Image
Small Bathroom - Black and White

My husband and I built this tiny bath as a seldom used upstairs bathroom. It was in a Tuscan home and I wanted the style to look as good in twenty years as on the day we built it.  This small bath size measures 8′ x 5’3″.

And of course, we wanted the illusion of space so as not to feel confined.

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So, one of the ‘space enhancing’ features of this small bathroom is extending the mirror over the vanity the entire width of the wall.

BTW, the vanity cabinet is 34″ wide.

Then we put a fun, vibrant picture on the opposite wall to reflect in the mirror as you walk in.

Having a large mirror also reflected the lights over the mirror.  I think that vanity light had 6 bulbs, so in essence, it seemed like we had twelve lights which gave off a lot of spark.

The light was purchased at Lowes. The counter is black granite.

Notice that we brought the tile up on the walls for continuity. You can see how it is behind the toilet and on the opposite wall as seen reflected in the mirror.

Small Bathroom mirrored medicine chest
Extra large medicine cabinet 26h x 20w

Speaking of mirrors, to further the look of wide open space, we used a mirrored medicine cabinet. We accomplished two objectives with this particular medicine cabinet (purchased at a close-out sale at Home Depot.) It also greatly extended our storage space. I loved how the entire cabinet was mirrored inside as well as out.

And we used a really big medicine cabinet for just that much extra storage for our small bath. As noted, it was 26″H x 20″W.

Small Bathroom black and white paper towel
Give guests the option of using paper towels.

Something we like to do with a guest or hall bathroom is to give our guests the option of drying their hands with paper towels. You can see to the left how we did this for our black and white bath.

You can even use a wall mounted paper towel holder.. but if you do that, make sure it goes with your overall theme like the one we used was black iron.

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Peek a boo Shower Curtain gives a bigger feel to bath.

For the shower curtain, we bought (online but I think I even saw this one at Walmart!) one that allowed us to see through to the bathtub wall. We did this for two reasons. One, once again we wanted as much feeling of space as possible.. but also so people could see how pretty the tile was.

When going small you need all the help you can get, so we added an inexpensive shower ledge for shampoo and such.

Black and White bath storage alcove

The built in counter and storage alcove that you see in the picture above illustrates how you can create ‘big’ in a small room.   This was not part of the original floor plan and indeed I had to convince both my husband and our framer because they both thought it was too insignificant a space to be of any use.  This ‘dead’ space measures 23″ wide by 18″ deep and I want you to just look at how much it adds to this small bathroom.

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In my opinion, it’s the difference between a tiny cramped bath, and a small yet functional, enjoyable bathroom.  In that small space, there’s now a nice counter area with an electrical outlet.. a good size drawer, and big storage below and above.

Black and White Hexagon Floor tile
Black and White Hexagon Floor tile

Above is the close up of the black and white hexagon floor. This is a fairly easy tile to find. And inexpensive too!  It was about $3.00 per foot at Lowes.

TIP: Use charcoal grey grout instead of white. It’s much easier to keep clean. I was a little worried about the dark grout when my husband suggested it, but I think it turned out great.

Another element I want you to notice is the black tile used as a border all along the bottom of the wall. There is actually tile you can buy for this area. It has a little curve along one side and you’re supposed to put it along the bottom next to the floor. I just used regular 4×4 tile there instead because I didn’t want that curve.. it would serve as a dust catcher in my opinion. Going with the regular tile saved money too, because any time you go with something a little different, it costs extra.  That’s one way the manufacturers make extra profit.

As mentioned, we purchased a lot of the items for this black and white bath at Lowes. Click here to check out Lowe’s current promotions.

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