1920’s Charming Yellow Cottage Redo

Take a tour of this Charming Yellow Cottage complete with a wrap around porch and white picket fence!

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Charming Yellow Cottage complete with a wrap around porch and white picket fence!

Like how the red front door gives it just the right amount of “pop.”

This home is actually for purchase at time of this post (Austin, TX MLS # 8631467)

Now, let’s dive right in!

Charming Yellow cottage

Cottage Living-Room

This charming 1920’scentral Austin bungalow features an open concept floor plan for the kitchen/dining/living.

Kitchen with Breakfast Bar

Looks like inexpensive stock cabinets coupled with tile granite countertops (rather than a solid slab.)

Dining Area

Love the hardwood floors

Master Bed

This certainly appears to be a generous size master bedroom for this little cottage. My thought is you have enough space for a little reading nook.

Master Bath

Like the bathroom cabinets much better than the kitchen cabinets, that’s for sure! Like, bright bath. Notice the “almost” claw foot tub.

Secondary Bedroom

Secondary Bath

In this bathroom picture, you can see the bathtub tile reflected in the mirror.
Swimming Pool
Seriously love this backyard oasis. I’ve been thinking about doing a small pool like this in our backyard. Just enough to cool off in the hot Texas summers.

Just Peachy Hyde Park Cottage

Lovely, colorful cottage in the Hyde Park area of Austin, TX. If you haven’t been here, it’s pretty much in the heart of downtown Austin.

[adrotate banner=”30″]Lovely, colorful cottage in the Hyde Park area of Austin, TX.

If you haven’t been here, it’s pretty much in the heart of downtown Austin. Not quite, but easy walking distance to shops, restaurants, etc. And just a few blocks away from central Austin.

This house is approximately 1658 square feet but it doesn’t appear live small. That’s the main thing you want to look for when considering a smaller home.. how it actually lives. Not the square footage necessarily.

Cute Hyde Park Cottage

Here ya go. Ice-cream pastel peach trim dresses up this cottage as it nestles within the trees. Nice front porch too.

Hyde Park Depew Living

I could skip the lavendar walls myself. But note the high windows above the sofa. Great way to let in light without sacrificing wall space or privacy.

Depew Ave Kitchen

These homeowners are creative don’t you think? Check out the wood detailing of this kitchen.

Dining Room with Lavender Walls and Lace Curtains

Again, I’d skip the lavender walls (and lace curtains) but this is a nice, bright dining room, that’s for sure. Beautiful hardwood floors.

Galley Office

Since I work from home, I always appreciate separate office space even if it’s carved out of a hallway.

Small Bath with white tile and yellow walls

Cheerful bathroom with sunny yellow walls. Like the white tile. Notice the colorful tile accent band and the way the vanity floats.

Colorful Back Porch with mosaic table

Oh wow! What a great backyard/porch space. Not big by any stretch but perfect for entertaining and grilling. What an interesting mosaic table.
White back porch with Peach trim and Lime Green Canopy

Another few of the outdoor living space. Texas has hot summers so they’ve added a bright green canopy to help shelter from the sun.

Small Homes by the Sea at Seabrook WA

I was in heaven while visiting these Small Homes by the Sea at Seabrook WA. Indeed Sunset Magazine selected Seabrook for their Idea Town 2013…

[adrotate banner=”30″]My husband and I discovered the charming little town Seabrook WA while exploring Washington and Oregon the summer of 2013..

We also visited the San Juan Islands, Seattle, Port Townsend, Portland, and several other scenic places. We even made a point of checking out restaurants from Diners, Drivins and Dives! We had a blast.

You can rent (or buy) little or big houses. We stayed a couple of days after Labor Day and the prices were almost cut in half. Contact: Seabrook Cottage Rentals, 24 Front St, Pacific Beach WA 98571, 877-779-9990

small home by the sea Seabrook WA

There were different styles to enjoy as far as some of the houses had wrap porches like you see above, while others did not. Most, if not all, were two story because the building lots were the size of a mosquito.

seabrook cottage

Now on this one, I want you to notice the little garage apartment tucked away on the left side. In most cases you could rent the house or the garage apt.

seabrook small house

See how this house doesn’t have the porch? I actually like this style but quite frankly, there’s no way I’d buy a house near the sea (or anywhere for that matter) without a porch to hang out on.
[adrotate banner=”29″]The thing is, this particular house didn’t even have a porch or patio out the back as I recall. The front out to be even more lovely once the trellises are overgrown with vegetation.

another seabrook washington seaside cottage

Now, we’re talkin’ porches. This adorable small house is the carriage house to a much grander home. Too precious.

Seabrook WA 2 watermark
Now, this looks like just about the right size for a house to downsize to. With the beach just a mere walk away, you’d be spending a lot of time there, I’d expect. Seabrook had such a storybook quality. Totally enjoyed staying there.


Gorgeous Little Seabrook WA Cottage

Hubby and I visited the beautiful state of Washington and along the way discovered a quaint little down called Seabrook Washington.

[adrotate banner=”30″] Hubby and I visited the beautiful state of Washington and along the way discovered a quaint little town called Seabrook Washington.

It’s actually where Sunset Magazine just built their Idea Home!

We stayed in a little cottage that is part of the beach camp. These are only 600 square feet. We could hear the ocean pounding against the shore. It was magnificent. We loved it!

Seabrook Elevation

This is not the exact beach cottage we stayed in but in the cluster of homes at the beach camp!

Seabrook living

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny living room!

Seabrook kitchen

The kitchen was just to the left of the living room.
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See the master bedroom below.
Seabrook master
I love the chandelier. All the furnishings were great.

Seabrook Bathroom

Seabrook loft

This bedroom was upstairs in a loft with literally a ladder going straight up very similar to the Tiny Houses. I didn’t care for that part too much.
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Two Bedroom Beachfront Cottage Mashpee

Gorgeous views from this Two Bedroom Beachfront Cottage Mashpee MA. Sit back and relax as you gaze at the ocean in front of your porch.

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Spectacular (million dollar) Views from this 2-story beachfront cottage/condo in Maushop Village. Absolutely beautiful two bedroom, two bath.

STATS: Approx 1009 sf.
2 bedroom, 2 Bath
Kinlin Grover GMAC Real Estate
Photos from >> MLS 21301044

This sweet cottage just goes to show that you don’t need a huge place to have a lovely home. It’s only a mere 1000 square feet.

Mass Cottage Elevation

Mass Cottage Staircase
Mass Cottage Kitchen[adrotate banner=”29″]
Mass Cottage Bedroom
Mass Cottage Bath
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Mass Cottage Back Porch

Ten Tips to Get House Ready for Winter

Is your house ready for winter yet? If not, this is the time to get ready. Check out these must-dos to get your house ready for the cold season.

[adrotate banner=”30″]Like it or not, winter season is just right around the corner and there’s no stopping this. Now, this means a lot of things. Frosted leaves and almost ‘naked’ trees, really cold nights, warm cocoa, additional undergarments, etc. But you know, here at Small House Life, when this season is about to approach, we can’t help but think of ways to get our house ready.

Actually, if we can, we’d want to get ready for winter as soon as possible. Why? Well, first of all, we want to have peace of mind our home is prepared properly and enjoy the cold season. We can’t do that if there’s a broken window, old and clogged filters, etc. Also, since we love our house so much, we want it to be able to take on the winter ‘hits’ and still (hopefully) be in tip-top shape during and after the cold season.

So, without further ado, we bring you the ten tips to get your house ready for winter.

Inside Your Small House:

1. Have the heating unit / system checked. Test it yourself or call an expert to check your heating system. Make sure that it’s thoroughly checked and working properly, and that the filter is brand new. Go and take advantage of those summer discounts!

2. Change air filters and dust those registers or baseboard units! Air filters are supposed to be changed regularly anyway as it improves the air quality inside. This step also protects your heating system. Dust buildup is inevitable so vacuum or dust, dust, dust those registers and baseboard units.

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3. Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure that they are working properly. If you don’t have them, this is the best time to have them installed in your home.

4. Get those carpets cleaned. Well, if you have a carpeted home, this is the time to make sure that your carpets are very clean. As you know, this will also help improve the air quality in your home. So go, and get them ready for winter!

5. Check your doors and windows. You can actually do this one yourself, or hire a home contractor to do it for you. This will help decrease those enormous energy bills during winter as it will certainly prevent the cold air from entering your home. If there are broken windows, now is the time to replace them.

6. Have a fireplace? Get your chimney checked. Getting the fireplace ready before the winter season is really great. Make sure that you have them cleaned – if you haven’t done that for a while. It also helps if you have a screen or some sort of cap on top of your home’s chimney.

Outside Your Small House:

7. Roof and gutter inspection. Make sure that you check and replace worn roof tiles or shingles. Check and clean your gutters – it’s not the easiest chore but it is rather important to make sure that there will be no (again, hopefully) ice damming.

8. Ready your snow shovels, ice scrapers and sidewalk salt. It’s better if you know where to get them (and you can easily get them) when needed.

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9. Prepare your lawn. Aerate, fertilize and reseed your lawn. Do this before Halloween. Before you store your lawnmower, make sure that it is clean and that the gas is drained.

10. Goodbye summer décor. Hello winter. If possible, patio furniture should be stored during winter. If not, make sure that you have waterproof protectors to cover as the winter season will not be so nice to them. If you plan to put up some winter decorations, go ahead and do this as early as now.

IKEA jumps on Smaller House Bandwagon

Newsflash! IKEA designers have teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Wow, IKEA knows small homes!

Small house and IKEA? What’s the connection? Well, you’re about to find out!

IKEA design house
IKEA design house | Photo from Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

IKEA, as we all know (and really love), is known for its ready-to-assemble furniture – designs and products. They have come a long way and their products are being sold worldwide. How cool is that?

Not so long ago, it has been reported that IKEA designers teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Well, even though IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, you won’t need your wrench on this one. This small home is already ‘assembled’ and will be delivered to you as is or in two big pieces.  Cost? >> $86,500.

IKEA design house living room
IKEA design house living room | ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

And since this small home was created in collaboration with IKEA (Portland), a brand that we already trust when it comes to our furniture, this looks to be a really good deal.

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So, what does it say about small spaces? Well, as you know, small house is really ‘in’ at the moment. And we, at Small House Life, think that this isn’t just a style that will be ‘obsolete’ in the coming season – or years. This is more than just a ‘hot trend’. It means more than anything like that. With all the usual but never-ending problems homeowners (not just in the U.S. but worldwide) encounter such as huge bills, mortgages and more, it’s no wonder that most of them are becoming more and more interested in living in small house. This is, of course, to gain the huge and helpful benefits of living in one.

IKEA design house bedroom
IKEA design house bedroom | Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

What are the benefits, you ask? Well, aside from the lower bills and stuff, living in a small home is kind of liberating. Mind you, living in a small home goes hand in hand with downsizing; therefore, it’s a lifestyle choice. It may not be for everyone but if it will give you a peace of mind financially, it’s definitely worth a try.

Anyway, for small home owners, IKEA jumping on the ‘small house bandwagon’ is a really good sign. And a really good news at that. Since a lot of people (including us) trust IKEA when it comes to their furniture, it’s certainly good to know that they are now designing and selling furniture purposely for small spaces. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are selling smaller furniture though. Rather, they are selling furniture that is cleverly designed to fit, work and be used in small houses. Well, that’s really good news!

More info on the ‘Aktiv’ model when you visit Ideabox website at ideabox.us/models/aktiv/.

!! Modern Small House in West Hollywood

Here’s a tour of a modern small house in West Hollywood. Small but wonderful – let’s take a look!

[adrotate banner=”30″]Small but modern. Limited space but the owner made the most of it. We proudly show to you today the 1,200-square-feet contemporary small house in West Hollywood that was cleverly and modishly designed by Mark Egerstrom, an interior designer.

FYI: The house that you’re about to see was first a small cottage (under 600 square feet). The owner, however, wanted to expand to make the most of it. And so he did – here’s the end result. Photos courtesy of Lisa Romerein / HouseBeautiful.com

modern small house exterior

So modern … I love it! It looks simple but you just know that there’s more to it. Since the house is on a tiny lot, it meant that the owner had to make vertical additions to his 600-square-foot cottage. “It’s a tall, narrow box,” he says.

modern small house living room

Well, here’s the living room. Clad in the same ebonized cedar as the garden walls, the fireplace wall appears to have floated into the glass-walled living room. A Kensington leather sofa by Timothy Oulton and Rue Royale lounge chair by Ralph Lauren Home covered in English Riding Velvet are a plush counterpoint to metal floor lamps, Egerstrom-designed stump tables, Gerrit Rietveld’s Zig Zag chair, and Philippe Starck’s red plastic La Bohème stool for Kartell.

modern small house kitchen

One of the many cool advantages of having a house encased in glass is that you never have to worry about the brightness of the room. Just take a look at the kitchen. Wonderful, right? And you know, it appears bigger than it really is.

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The wood floors of the kitchen extend out to a coordinated deck through glass shower doors, creating the illusion of a much bigger space. The walnut cabinetry was designed by the owner: “It’s my take on old farmhouse kitchens, updated to the 21st century.” It was fabricated by Gary Ferguson of Case and Grain with Glacier White Corian counters and custom inset handles.

modern small house kitchen sink

Let’s take a closer look. Open shelving and a pass-through window open sight lines in the kitchen. “The trick is not to put too many things on them”, says the owner.

modern small house master bedroom

The master bedroom certainly looks unique. In here, the bed is recessed in a 24-inch niche lined with Cole & Son’s Woods reflective foil wallpaper.

“It opens up the space both physically and visually. It’s surprising how big a difference two feet can make in a small space,” the owner says.

modern small house master bathroom

In the master bath, a Duravit wall-mounted toilet is concealed by a skirted sink, “a homage to my Swedish grandmother’s Minnesota farmhouse, where all the lower cabinets had curtains,” the owner says. The shower opens to a private outdoor deck.

Private outdoor deck … now, that sounds really fancy! 🙂

modern small house kid's room

Believe it or not, this is the kid’s room. This home proves to be very unique – in a really, and I mean, really good way. Take a look at the Pop Art and woodsy linens in the kid’s bedroom.

modern small house guest bathroom

This is the guest bathroom. It doesn’t look tiny at all. Tucked under a staircase, a combination powder room and guest bath has slatted teak floors in the shower: “I used the most minimal fixtures, including a Kohler WaterTile recessed into the ceiling.”

modern small house courtyard

Courtyard in a small house … Can’t believe it? Just take a look at the photo above.

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Baby’s Tears ground cover, native to Sardinia, gives the tiny deck area just off the kitchen a plushly carpeted look. The owner fabricated the fountain — based on old trough fountains he saw in Tuscany — from a metal planter.

modern small house roof deck

This is my favorite part of the house – the roof deck. On here, a curvy Verner Panton lounger contrasts with West Elm Wood-Slat armchairs and Gus Modern Lightbox tables.

5 Storage Tips for Homeowners with Cramped Closets

Here are five storage tips for homeowners with cramped closets. These steps will help maximize your closet space.

[adrotate banner=”30″]When looking for a new home, storage and closet space is often of the most important things on the homeowner’s mind. Therefore, if your home suffers from a dearth of closet space, this can quickly become a source of annoyance as time passes. However, there’s no need to make the most of your situation, and do something about your lack of room. For homeowners with cramped closets, the following tips can help you achieve effective storage and maximize your closet space:

  1. Add More Space. If you’ve completely exhausted your clothes racks and drawers with items, then one possible option is to create more storage space on your own. For example, organizers and hanging baskets are valuable options to make use of any unused vertical openings. In addition, storage bins are a great way to pack items away, as well as make use of unused floor space. Another storage tip is to keep clothes stacked in small piles in drawers, instead of hanging them on racks. Doing so will fill up more vertical space, allowing you to use them for heavier coats and articles of clothing.
  2. Install Shelving. Do you have empty walls that are simply serving as dead space? If so, then you may want to make use of the space by installing shelving.  Shelving are great for items that cannot be easily hung on racks, such as shoes or towels, and can get them out of your way. When assessing the layout of your closet, determine the height and width to see whether you can add multiple shelves. Make sure that you leave enough space between shelves, lest you end up with inadequate shelving.[adrotate banner=”29″]
  3. Practice Organization. One reason why your closet may feel cramped is due to the lack of method to the madness – instead of orderly placing items away, perhaps you have a tendency to just pile everything into the closet. However, disorganized messes are more likely to take up more precious space, leaving you with little to work with. Therefore, try to instill organization when storing clothes and other items away. For example, place similar objects together according to size and color, so you can find items quicker and easier.
  4. Remove Unwanted Items. If you tend to collect items or have a bit of a packrat mentality, then you may want to spend some time going through your closet. These items may be taking up valuable space, making it more difficult to utilize your closet to its full potential. Look for clothes or accessories that you haven’t worn in several months or years, and put them in a separate pile. You can either place these items in more permanent storage, or donate them to a charity organization.
  5. Explore Beyond the Closet. If your closet space is simply not enough for you, then you may have to look for storage alternatives. Luckily, there are a variety of ways in which you can store your items throughout your home. Look for whether you have any unused cabinets or drawers that are waiting to be used. You can also invest in furniture that also doubles as storage space, such as coffee tables or beds with pull-away drawers. Don’t feel as though you’re limited to simply your closet, not when your home provides endless potential for storage.

[note color=”#F8f8f8″]Christine Cooney is a writer at TheHouseDesigners.com, writing articles on DIY and home plans online on The House Designers blog. She loves learning about architecture, home décor and design.[/note]

Elegant Fancy Small Home

Join us as we ‘tour’ a sophisticatedly designed small home for a young family. You’ll surely get inspired – we promise!

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The words ‘elegant’ and ‘small’ are not always seen together in a sentence. But this is quite an elegant and fancy small home. What a treat.

But in our house tour today, you’ll find that those two fit well together, and that a small-spaced home can be easily described as ‘elegant’ (and then some).

Take a look and see for yourself … Photo Credit BHG.com

small home front door entrance

Grand entrance, anyone? This small home is definitely designed to change our view of small spaces. A row of built-ins offers storage and display space just inside the front door. By painting the inside of the bookcase black, it gives the wall a recessed look. A large, custom fish-eye mirror completes the look.

small home living room

Oh, those sofas are definitely calling my attention. I love them!  Any family will love to have this living room! This decorating scheme incorporated family pieces, including two red sofas, two large Empire Era chests, and a pedestal table. Blue accents calm the space and are the perfect companion to the vibrant red sofas. A mix of patterns on the pillows and chairs infuses the room with a youthful attitude.

small home fireplace

The fireplace. It just looks so modern and absolutely creative. The artwork above the mantel is from the owner’s childhood home. They were just waiting to find the perfect spot for it.

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Check out the simplicity of the living room below.

small home family room

Here’s the family room. Oh wow! A mix of geometric, organic, and ethnic patterns gives this room a playful persona.  The homeowners chose to create a casual space for relaxation and covered existing sofas in durable brown corduroy.

small home kitchen

In this small space, this kitchen’s crisp white cabinets, dark wood floors, and beautiful granite countertops create an ultimate kitchen any cook would love. Okay. Do you remember what I said earlier? Elegant and small in one sentence?

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Here you go. Elegant small kitchen. Based on the photo alone, I think we would never have guessed that this kitchen is from a small home / apartment. I mean, would you look at that? This is the dream kitchen.

small home dining nook

Oh, I love the dining nook! In the kitchen, every surface and fabric can be wiped with a sponge, including faux-leather pads on the banquette, laminated David Hicks fabric on pillows, and a Roman shade in the dining nook. The antique dining table was a wedding gift.

small home master bedroom

Amazing! A disco ball-inspired chandelier takes center stage in the master bedroom, where chartreuse cut velvet covers the headboard, Roman shade, and bed skirt. I love the fact that every room in this small home is somehow ‘themed’
small home kids bedroom

The kids’ room is absolutely stylish! Velvet twin headboards, bed skirts, and a Roman shade boast pretty green hues in this super-sophisticated kids’ room.

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Oh, lovin’ the desk nook below.

small home office

Sweet and tidy! A built-in desk area opposite the dining nook is command central for this family.

Sassy and Chic Small Home

Having a small home doesn’t necessarily imply that you, as an owner, can’t accommodate a lot of guests.  On the same note, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t make your small home look grand, and utterly impressive.

Have a look at this sassy and chic small home / beach house that can be found in coastal Marin County, California.

Photos Credit Alec Hemer/ Housebeautiful.com

small home living room

Would you look at that living room?  So elegant, I love it! The owner said that the dutch doors and hand-carved detailing make this feel like a “Hansel and Gretel house”. When the picture window had to be replaced, the owner saved the original to create a kind of shadowbox for a collection of sea-themed paintings found at flea markets and garage sales.

small home family room

The lower level was transformed into a family room. I love that the owner decided to add a family room. From the looks of this one, any family member would be glad to spend their time here.

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Over Brian Kennedy’s metal fireplace, you can see a portion of the new foundation. Industrial baskets from Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, turned upside-down, became coffee tables. Blue slag glass from Artefact Design and Salvage has the look of sea glass. 

small home kitchen

White (Snow on the Mountain) and vintage. Lovin’ the combination. The owner became obsessed with finding just the right vintage stove; he spotted this Chambers range on antiqueappliances.com. The blackboard on the breakfast bar is an opportunity for an intriguing quote. Subway tiles by Heath Ceramics remind the owner of the inside of a shell. Gemini ceiling lights from Alfa. Paint throughout the house is Benjamin Moore’s Snow on the Mountain.

small home dining room

Here’s the dining room. Don’t you just love how everything, so far (from living room to here), is strategically decorated and designed? In the dining area, Shaw ceiling lights from the Urban Electric Co. hang over an antique trestle table, paired with vintage captain’s chairs. A banquette, with more storage underneath, doubles as a guest bed. Genius! Vintage French linen — it reminds the owner of sailcloth — hangs casually from Restoration Hardware rings at the window.

small home outdoor dining area

An outdoor dining area? You gotta love this house! The honed Calacatta marble counter in the kitchen extends outside to make passing food easier.

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Tolix Marais stools from Design Within Reach are pulled up to the counter.

small home master bedroom

Simply gorgeous, right? Closet mirrors in the master bedroom expand the sense of space. The CB2 platform bed is covered in vintage French linen.

small home bathroom

A bunk room bath for family members and guests. The owner of this house is brilliant! As you can see, the bunk room bath is fitted with lockers for family members and guests. The owner had the faucets on Kohler’s Brockway sinks stripped down to the brass. The wall paneling is painted in alternating bands of flat and semigloss paint, echoing the stripe on the Pottery Barn towels.

small home guest room

Take a look at the guest room … and the view! Wow. I would certainly love to have a visit, and even if I own this house, I think I’ll stay here, thank you. 😉 The owner took the guest room ceiling up to the rafters and opened it up with a Juliet balcony. Linen curtains lined with blackout material let guests sleep late.

small home deck

It’s just so amazing that a 1,650-square-foot beach house can still have a stylish deck. I’m in awe, that’s for sure. “The setting is the star,” says the owner, who kept the outdoor dining area simple. An assortment of galvanized metal furniture — including Crate & Barrel’s Lyle chairs and 1934 Dining Chairs from the Sundance Catalog — are gathered around a table covered in Sundance’s Americana tablecloth, made of homespun cotton and linen.

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small home back of the house

A peek at what the back of this lovely beach house / small home looks like. A deck and galvanized metal Juliet balconies on the upstairs bedrooms add to the square footage.

1200 Square Foot Destin Lake Cottage

Step inside lovely 1200 Square Foot Destin Lake Cottage. Don’t let the modest size fool you.. this small house is packed with design ideas.

[adrotate banner=”30″]Everyone loves the architecture and the charm of Fairways. It is a quiet area of homes on the lake with docks, established landscaping and convenient to all the amenities in Sandestin.

This cottage has a view of the bay and is on the lake too. It has a screened-in porch to relax and enjoy or go hang out in the sun on the dock and fish. They catch big bass in this lake. The floors have been updated with 16″ tile on the diagonal and the kitchen is light and bright. Courtesy of destinpropertyforsale.com

Front view

“The home where your heart is”. The lamp post situated at the front of the house just before the steps gives out the “this is your home” vibe. The landscaping is really impressive as well.

Living Area 2

Bright red sofas. White walls and red-colored sofas definitely complement each other. One more thing I noticed here is the windows built all around which gives the living room a more welcoming vibe. Your visitor friends will love it there.

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Living Area

This is the other angle of the living room – overlooking the porch. The floors have somewhat dated 16” diagonal tiles. Multi-colored carpet right under the center table adds nice touch. The glass doors going to the porch definitely a plus.


Join us each Sunday morning with your personal copy of
Small House Life magazine.. delivered right to your email.

Dining Area

I love that the dining area has a view of the lake side. I also like the glass table here with the gray-colored chairs going along with it. The windows here are rather huge, right? And they are all over which is a good thing, I feel.

Bedroom 2

There are two bedrooms in this house. This is one of them. Two single beds really makes this carpeted room spacey enough for kids or visitors.


No comment. 🙂


Take a look at this photo of the screened-in porch! You’ll be in awe on this one. With the view of the lake side and the bay area as well, you will surely want to hang-out in this part of the house more often. This looks breezy and decorated enough to make it your favorite part of the house especially during summer. You can also choose to dine here, if that makes it more appetizing in the sense. There’s a dock right outside the porch and you can fish there.

View From Lake

This is the lake-side view of the cottage. The landscaping is lovely. There is a dock, as I have mentioned above and you can choose to fish or just sit there at the end and dip your toes in the water as you contemplate..

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Benefits to Small House Living

If you are considering small house living, you are not alone as we see Americans downsize in record numbers. The McMansions’

small house with white picketSmall Houses are ‘in’:
If you are considering a small house, you are not alone as we see Americans downsize in record numbers. The McMansions’ glory days are gone.. becoming a distant memory as more people trade in their large, trophy homes for smaller, more modest dwellings.

Since 2007, the average square footage of new homes built has trended down.

There is an important distinction to be made however with the smaller homes. We might be ready to dump the over sized showplace of yesterday but we certainly are not willing to forgo the conveniences and amenities to which we have grown accustomed.

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[highlight bg=”#DDFF99″ color=”#000000″]Going ‘small’ does not mean doing without!![/highlight] I repeat, downsizing (or rightsizing as we like to call it) is NOT about doing without.. Far from it actually, because living in a small house can be liberating. It can even be a chance to redefine our lives if we are so inclined.

Let’s face it, living in a small house can be much less expensive than a larger one. Not just in the price of the home or the taxes, but utilities and upkeep as well. It might even be possible to pay cash for a smaller home or at least get it paid off much faster, or to have a smaller mortgage to start with.

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Small HousesIf you cut your mortgage financial responsibility down by half, what would that mean to you?

Could one spouse afford to be a stay at home mom/dad? Maybe, retirement could come earlier. Or maybe the reduced financial burden would mean you’d travel more, or pursue a dream that’s been shelved for far too long. We American’s have a tendency to get ourselves strapped with debt, living our lives from paycheck to paycheck. Downsizing can break that cycle.

Oftentimes, when we make the decision to have a Small House Life, we open up a variety of location options. A three thousand square foot home in the city might be unattainable, but a small bungalow? Now that might be doable. Odd little ‘throw away’ lots (read cheap) can become the ideal spot for a small house. You can go more ‘urban’ and your small home can be a condo or small townhouse in a highly desirable neighborhood within walking distance to restaurants, shops, cultural events and concerts.

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Downsizing into a small home can even be the perfect opportunity to move to a completely different town or state.. heck even another country if you’re truly adventurous.

Simplify your lifeSimplicity:
Small house living is an opportunity to simplify our lives. We can take a good, hard look at where we are and where we want to be. Do we really need all the clutter? Are three sets of dinnerware that important? Or all our gadgets, tons of Holiday decorations, items we no longer use, clothes we don’t wear, books we don’t read.. you get the idea.

The day I noticed Kindle, and decided to clean out an overabundance of books, was a happy day. Now of course I kept the books most near and dear, but to go from 1000+ books to approximately one hundred treasured books was a day for celebration.

Downsizing can be downright liberating if you want to know the truth. We actually downsized from our big house recently..

When you get rid of that furniture you no longer need, give it to someone who will really appreciate it. I remember giving away an oversized dryer to someone who had never had a dryer. Never! They were thrilled to get mine, and so happy not to have to time their laundry with hang drying.

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Green Living:
Our footprint on God’s green earth matters. We don’t have control over what our neighbors do but we can certainly make a personal decision to be a good steward of the land by living greener.

A small house life means our mark on earth is less invasive. We use less fuel to heat our homes, less electricity, fewer materials used in building which includes less trees felled for lumber, less furniture to buy, less cleaning products… you get the picture. This is a perfect example of when ‘less,’ is really ‘more.’

small house lifestyleSmall House Big Life:
With less financial burdens and less clutter, we have an opportunity to look at our lives and go big in the areas that matter to us. Create a different lifestyle.

That might be to give more, travel more.. have money to go back to school (or put our kids or grand kids through school.) Maybe we build up our savings account, or make some investments that we didn’t have the means before.

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Coolest PreFab Home by Home Depot

Home Depot’s prefab Living Home is the absolute coolest prefab home I’ve seen to date. Find the floorplan and all the gorgeous design features

The LivingHome Long Beach beauty is the coolest prefab home I’ve seen to date. You will love, love the small house design elements.

I am absolutely in love with this revolutionary new prefabricated home that combines clean, modern design with an environmental program and inspired materials

This affordable prefab LivingHome offers:

3 bedrooms – 1,232 sf
42′ w x 36′ d x12′ h
$145/sf – starting at $179,000

Of course you have to figure that the cost does not include garage, the lot or land, utilities, prep, etc.  The Home Depot Photos courtesy of Livinghomes.net

Small House Floor Plan

The C6 includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1232 square feet.  There’s another one called the C6.2 that offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,100 square feet. Both feature open floor plans, and lots of storage, light and warmth.

Small House Front Elevation

The Home Depot Living Home is designed by LivingHomes staff in collaboration with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and architect William McDonough to build 150 affordable, sustainable homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.  This was the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

Small Home Living Room

Small House Kitchen - Dining Area

This house has everything.. windows in the kitchen, a breakfast bar, lots of storage, even an amazing dining room light fixture!  Check out the pantry to the left of the fridge.

Small House Master Bedroom

Look at the transoms over the windows for added light.

Small House Bedroom

Small House Bathroom

Again, big transoms for lots of light.  Love the sinks.  These are my fav kind of sinks right now.. You can get them at Home Depot or even Amazon.

Small House Bedroom Office

Small House Terrace