Share your Small House

Do you have a small home you want to show off?

It can be the whole house with elevation, interior pictures.. the works! Or maybe just one element like an especially fun bathroom, reading nook, storage idea, outdoor living space.

If you love small house living as much as we do and want to share, you may do so below. We are looking to add small homes to our Home Gallery that we think our readers would like to see!

If you have questions before submitting, please contact us here.

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Submission – Terms and Conditions

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Summary of acceptable submissions:

YES – 100% original content, information about your small house or a listing you might have of a cute small house you want to share.
YES – ONE url address back to your site if you wish.
YES – Images you have taken yourself or have permission to use.  Please, let’s not borrow trouble by disrespecting copyright laws.

Summary of unacceptable submissions:

NO – Multiple links; you are allowed ONE LINK
NO – Spam, vulgarity, unoriginal content.
NO – Copyright protected images.

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