Small Bathroom Ideas

Small bathroom ideas for your bath, big or small. It’s essential to get smart with how you use your space with small bathrooms. Creative ideas

These small bathroom ideas are sure to perk up any bathroom, big or small. From built ins to creative use of space. This page has some of our more popular photos! Enjoy.

There’s clever use of small spaces, as well as cool new trends you might not be familiar with.

It’s essential to get smart with how you use your space when we’re talking small bathrooms. There are a lot of different ways to organize a small bath so it works as well as a larger bathroom. So, jump in and have a look.

Small black and white bathroom with amazing storage idea.
Remember your bathroom does not have to be big to be amazing! Especially when you have great storage ideas like above.

Small Bath from HGTV Remodels
Small Bath from HGTV Remodels

The small bath above has an ideal detail for small or large bathrooms.. the built in shampoo and storage area in the shower.  Really, the way a home lives is in the details.

I like the rich coffee wood that is mimicked in the rattan and wood drawers next to the sink.

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Crisp, modern bath courtesy of Kohler.  Oh look!  They also feature the built-in storage area in the shower.  I like the kind of half sink also.  These are fairly inexpensive at Lowe’s or Home Depot.. and give a luxurious look.

Small Bath design
Photo credit: One of our fav designers: Donald Gardner

Donald Gardner is an architect that we use sometimes when we build houses, and this picture was taken of one of the homes he designed.  This particular bah has some interesting elements.  The vanity is not your run of the mill cabinet, but more of a furniture piece.

Then the sink definitely makes a statement with it’s unusual shape.  The faucet is one I used in a bath I called my ‘farm’ bathroom.  I’ll have to do a post on it so you can see how I used that faucet.  Lovely small bath, although I will say, it’s a bit trendy.

Bath at Horseshoe Bay
Lovely small with lamp.

Warm, traditional bath.  The beauty of this look is it’ll never go out of style.  Granite counter tops with complimenting tile backslash.  Not too crazy about the floors but they work.

Bath Design from ModernFurnitureDesign
Photo Credit:ModernFurnitureDesign

Who says a small bathroom has to be boring?  This tiny bath is crisp and clean with minimal feel.  FYI, the faucet seems to be mounted too high for me.  I think it’ll make quite a splash into that sink.  What a cool chandelier!

Tropical Small Bath design
Tropical Small Bath design

What a fun bathroom!  They didn’t miss a beat did they?  Great job in creating a tropical paradise.  Even the old timey ‘blind’ windows.  Boy, you don’t see those anymore.  Use of pebble tile continues the rustic oasis.  BTW, this pebble tile typically comes in 12×12 tiles and are laid just like any other tile.  Interior wood posts.. and a fan complete this casual, rustic bathroom.

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