Small Bedroom Ideas

Small bedroom ideas.. Redo your small house with creative bedroom design ideas that will perk up any room. Small bedroom pictures..

Small Bedroom Ideas for your Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom Ideas is a real treat today because we have so many pretty bedroom design ideas to show you.

One thing I try to do when putting together a post, is give you a good variety of images to look at.. LOL, I say that and then I noticed a common theme through the small bedroom idea pictures below. Many of them have really cool walls.. often some kind of wood attached to the walls to add interest and texture. If you can budget in the additional expense, it’s well worth it!
Small bedroom white and orange
First small bedroom idea by House Beautiful, is a simple, white room with just a pop of color. Gives a crisp, clean look without being boring.

[note color=”#D3D3D3″]Bedroom Design Idea: If you’ll go neutral, you will have lots of flexibility in changing the look by simply changing out pillows, a rug, maybe a painting or slipcover.[/note]

Notice the wood walls I mentioned earlier.. I like the vertical wood pieces capped off with horizontal and then polished with a high gloss white paint.

Small Bedroom Pottery Barn 1
Small Bedroom Photo: Pottery Barn

As much as I love white rooms, THIS warm and cozy small bedroom is one of my favorites! The wood tones perfectly blend with the white (again wood) walls and light colored bed linens, create a welcoming oasis.  It really starts with the bed, doesn’t it?

small bedroom - by Michael J. Lee
Photo: Michael J. Lee

Off to a more modern space. if you checked out our IKEA 386 sq. ft small house then you saw use of the wall storage just as you see in this small bedroom.  Going vertical with storage is a super smart design idea to maximize precious space.  In this one, you even have your bedside table included!  Clever.

small bedroom Crate and Barrel Atwood Bedroom
Photo: Crate and Barrel Atwood Bedroom

Another, cool, crisp small bedroom that manages to appear warm with the rich wood furniture against a backdrop of white.. More white wood walls!  How about the light over the bed?  This room would be perfect in Texas.  🙂

small pink bedroom
For the girlie in all of us, a romantic, whimsical bedroom.  Look what they fit into this small space!  A tiny bed stand with reading light cleverly mounted on the wall to save space.  Natural light unencumbered by window treatments..   and artfully stenciled walls highlighting a funky mirror.  Of course, we know mirrors are perfect for reflecting light and making a small room appear bigger.

Photo: WILLIAM ABRANOWICZ at Martha Stewart

Don’t have a headboard? No problem because this design idea eliminates the need for one.  Just paint yourself one.  Or even wallpaper a headboard on.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn Small Bedroom
Photo credit: Pottery Barn Small Bedroom

Speaking of headboards, how about this small bedroom idea? Looks like old rustic shutters doing double duty as a stunning headboard. Combine soothing blue and white sheets for a real winner.

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