Downsizing from our Big House

Downsizing from a big house is a lifestyle choice my husband and I are excited to make. We take you from our big house to the decision to simplify..

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be downsizing from our big house to a smaller home. Yep, we have sold our beautiful Tuscan home and should close on the transaction on Halloween at the end of this week.

This is a picture of our Tuscan house.

Downsizing from this Big House
Downsizing from this Big House

Some people may not consider it a big house but 2600+/- was too big for just hubby and myself.

Shoot, we raised our two kids in a 2200 square foot home with both of us working from home. We certainly didn’t need a bigger house than that, now with the kids gone.

So how did we end up in this house only two years ago? By not getting clear on what we really wanted in life. Just kind of coasting along not putting a lot of thought into the lifestyle we wanted to life.

Some of you may know that my husband and I are home builders.. He builds the spec homes by himself now but of course I still get involved on our personal houses, and I used to build specs by myself years ago. So we’re constantly thinking about what we want to build next.

We hadn’t built an amazing house for ourselves in a few years so I got the idea that it was time. If I had stuck with the original plan I had designed, we would probably have stayed here. It was fairly modest but had everything we needed. We hired an award winning home designer out of Austin, TX. He is an outstanding designer, but the house kind of grew as we went along. And not just in size but in expensive detailing in the house.

Probably the two most expensive details we did, were the rotunda entry way and the bell tower leading to the front door. Here are pictures of other areas that we went over the top.

Living Room of big house The arches are actually a fairly inexpensive way to get a great look.

No, here the over-do was lifting the living room plate to 14 feet and adding extra windows. The window package in this house was double what most of our homes are.

Also, because of all the twists and turns in the design (along with the bell tower) our exterior stone was double the price. For me, now.. with the way I think, it was just overboard. If we had built this house without all the cuts, we could have used the extra money somewhere else.. like maybe exploring Europe for six months! Yeah, no lie.

Master bath of big houseAgain, as you can see in the master bath, we had an overabundance of windows. There were eight windows total in our master bath. Crazy, and unnecessary.

We also had a curved whirlpool tub.

Hint: Curves are cool in a house but anytime there’s a cut or a curve (instead of straight line) that’s going to cost you extra.

Big House Kitchen

Next I want to show you the kitchen. I really like the kitchen and will take some of the components and downscale them when we build our small house.

I envision our downsized house modest in size and with simple lines (to keep cost down) but with some special detailing that will make it charming.

I don’t know that we’ll have room to make the arch over the stove top but I do want a hood like you see in this picture. BTW, the hood is a Cavaliere and I will not purchase that brand again. The main reasons I purchased it was because it was supposed to be quiet and whisk the cooking odors right out of the house. Not! It didn’t do either. So, for $800. bucks, I got a cool look but without the function I expected.

[note color=”#FFffe0″] If anyone knows of a great brand of range hoods that looks like this one BUT is whisper quiet and eliminates odor, please share with us. [/note]

I love the subway tile in the kitchen. What’s so special about it? The sheer simplicity of it, I think. In my new small house I’ll have a more glossy tile but I plan to go with subway tile, maybe even the same biscuit color.

Subway Tile in the big house

It’s farewell to our big house. In a way it’s bittersweet because it was fun living in it and we thought we’d live here indefinitely.

The truth is.. the idea of downsizing our home and simplifying our life is SO dang appealing that I’m super excited about it. Of course, we’ll take you along for the journey.

Top Reasons we decided to downsize our home

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  • We want a home that reflects more of who we are now.
  • We will either have a tiny mortgage on our new small house, or none at all.. oh yeah!
  • Downsizing will free us financially to enjoy life more.  Do I hear travel?


In the spirit of our new lifestyle choice, we are taking off literally on the closing day.  Hubby Gregg is taking me to the airport for a preplanned trip I had made with a girlfriend before we sold our home.  Then off he goes in the truck with pooch, Elvis as his traveling companion.

The three of us will hook up later in the week for a visit to his mom and an extended road trip.  Don’t ask me where we’re going or how long we’ll be gone because I don’t know exactly.  We’re putting our furniture in storage and taking off for fun and adventure.

Entrance to the big house

Bye, bye big house.

Hello world!