Bunkbeds Make the Most of Your Space

Small space? No problem. Bunkbeds with futons or bunk beds with desks, double beds or other living creations make the most of your small..

Bunkbeds.net-Slatted twin bunkbed over fullGuest Post by Robert Lobitz with Bunkbeds.net

Living in a small house or apartment presents some unique challenges. The most obvious of these is the lack of space and how to optimize your use of the few square feet that you have.

I have been living in small spaces and learning new techniques to solve this problem for many years. Here are my best suggestions for others in similar situations.

Combination furniture such as bunk beds, futon bunk beds and desk loft beds are the ultimate solution to small space woes. The most unused space in a home is vertical and you need to make use of that. You can build higher shelves but that only does so much. What are you supposed to do if you live in a studio apartment but want to have guests over? You can’t exactly spruce up the guest room for them. A classy set of adult bunk beds is your best bet. You can effectively double the sleeping space without taking up any extra floor space.

Bunkbed with desk underneath

If you’re not too concerned about having guests and increasing sleeping space then a desk loft bed is a great option. They are a perfect solution for kids’ rooms as they provide a bed and a work space for school work and projects. Using a desk loft bed in an office will help that room double as a guest room rather than just being taken up by work.

Contemporary bunkbed with futon underneath
Futon bunk beds are a great option for studios or living rooms. Every room can double as a sleeping space, even the kitchen, so don’t overlook any potential space saving solution. Placing a set of futon bunk beds where a couch would normally go doubles both the sleeping and seating space. The futon is an obvious choice for both, but with the right cushions you can turn the top bunk into balcony seating for the showing of your favorite DVD on movie night.

You’ll be surprised as to how much space you open up if you use these simple suggestions. You can also stay pretty classy with the new designs that are on the market. Just make sure that you are buying adult sized bunk beds. You don’t want to be sleeping with your feet hanging off the end of the mattress an neither do your guests.

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