ChipIt Takes all the Guesswork Out of Paint Colors

Step by step instructions on how to use ChipIt by Sherwin Williams. Handy free Chipits tool to take the

If you’re into home design, you’re into color.  Fortunately we have an endless supply of awesomely decorated spaces on the Internet to get inspiration from. The problem is, how do we translate the colors we see online into real life?  It’s frustrating to try and guess… not to mention, inaccurate. All that has changed.

Sherwin Williams just rolled it out an online tool called ChipIt that will instantly give you the colors, along with a paint chip and the paint name/number.  It’s unbelievably cool. Yep, and it gets better! ChipIts is totally free to use..

Chip It Bed

Say you’re looking at the beds we have at beds for small bedroom and you want to obtain the colors. Here is an example of the color palette you’ll get with this new tool..

Here’s how it works.  Go to  Below their little video, you have two options.

1) Place the image url (that you want to know the colors) in a box and hit go.
2) Drag an icon to your toolbar.

There’s nothing wrong with using the toolbar method, but it’s not necessary.  I want to show you how easy it is to simply use ChipIt with the url option.  If you know the image url, you just place it in the box, and voila, you have an amazing color palette as shown above.

But what are the odds that you have the image url?  Not likely.  Don’t worry.  Check this out.  Let’s say you see Romantic Cottage by the Sea, and you’re dying to know the colors.  Here’s what you do.  Take the url of the page and place it in the “Enter an Image URL” ChipIts box.  You’ll instantly get all the pictures on that page like you see here..

Chip It

When you hover your mouse over a picture, it will instantly give you an overview of the colors in the image. You don’t have the paint name and number, but a quick look to see if you want to explore further.  How fun is that?
chip it small bedroom

Once you see an image that you want the full color information of, then you simply click on it. The image with color palette (and names) instantly appears with a column of colors..

There’s one more small step if you want the full color display.  Underneath the column of colors, you’ll see “More Colors” with an arrow.  Click on the arrow to get the full color palette as seen below.

chip it

There you have it.. all the colors with corresponding paint chips and names/numbers!  Just for fun, let’s do one more.
Chip It Romantic Cottage

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