Asheville Condo with Stunning Views

Asheville, NC penthouse condo. True upscale elegance in a modest sized condo. Built in 1894! Ultra modern and lavish for the ultimate

View to downtown Asheville

With a breathtaking view like this, who needs a big house?  Gorgeous living in this small space.

Asheville, North Carolina penthouse suite is a two bedroom, two bath condo at approximately 1,273 square feet of small space.

Another cool factor is that it was built in 1894!  Hard to believe with the ultra modern (and lavish) interior but that’s what is listed in realtor’s docs.  Stunning views of the city & the mountains from every room of this Penthouse located on a very private knoll just 5 minutes from downtown Asheville.


Here’s the kitchen. Wood-mania! I love it! Those light wooden cabinets look really neat. And since, there’s a lot of them, you will not have a problem storing those china plates or any kind of plates you’ve been collecting. This Nova custom kitchen counters is definitely a plus for this house.

Kitchen 2

Here’s a focus on one of the countertops. I included this image to give you a closer look of that Nova custom counters in the small kitchen? Are you lovin’ it? I am!

Open Room

It’s still not furnished but this room gives you a lot of good vibes. The glass windows really fit here as you can see those breath-taking views. What a feeling, right?  Ahhh, imagine at night gazing out at the city lights!

Open Room2

Here’s another angle of this room. Again, I have to reiterate the view. It’s magnificent alright. The bamboo flooring makes it unique and more enticing. Love, love the windows.

Open Room3

They even squeezed a fireplace in. Yep, this is one is strategically situated in that corner. Notice the private balcony to the right. A little outside furniture to that balcony and you’re ready to sip tea, or enjoy a cocktail while relishing the view!
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Open Room4

This is the other angle for this room …


Look how classy the bathroom is! For a minute there, I thought, “Why two toilets?” and then I realized, it was a mirror! Ha!  I love to use mirrors to expand space.  This bath looks spacious enough as well, don’t you think?

Here’s the balcony!  The bannisters are so classic. And another look at the view, too.

Garage - Storage

Yes! This house comes with a two car garage / storage facility which makes it much appreciated being that the ‘house’ is really a condo!

Photos and info Courtesy of MLS# 508554

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One Bedroom Condo Packs in Big Living

A small home doesn’t have to be a small house. Sometimes a condo works better, as we see here in this light and bright one bedroom condo with study

A small home doesn’t have to be a small house. Sometimes a condo works better, as we see here in this light and bright one bedroom condo with study nook. The benefit of a condo versus a house is they are often in highly desirable areas with shopping and restaurants and shows all close by. Not that a house can’t also have the same perks but the cost would typically be much higher.

Let’s dig in and see what this small condo (949 square foot) has to offer. Does it use it’s space efficiently? Can  you get ideas to use in your own small space?

Photos Courtesy of MLS# 7826172

Living RoomSmall Living Room – Unique floorplan with open kitchen, dining and living area.  Several decorating elements we like about this living room.  The unit has a large window overlooking a garden area, and we like how the window treatment spans the entire wall; top to bottom.  The glass coffee table helps open up the space as well as positioning the sofa against the wall.

Kitchen and DiningKitchen/Dining Space – Good size kitchen and dining area.  A nice butcher block island would be a welcome addition to the kitchen… not only for increased counter space but to also define the kitchen from the dining just a little better.

Dining RoomBuilt ins are always a smart choice to increase livability in a small space.  Above, the floor to ceiling bookcases doubles this dining room to include a library.  Double purposing rooms is a must for maximum use of small spaces, as we describe in 5 Mistakes Not to make with your Floor Plan. (It’s addressed in #2 if interested.)
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KitchenBetter Picture of Kitchen – The pale kitchen cabinets combined with similar  in color hardwood floors does create an illusion of space but we think it came at too high a price.  Too vanilla for our taste.  Looks like great kitchen layout.  Could have brought the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling for optimum storage use.

Bedroom StudyOffice Nook – It’s awesome to have extra space that can be used as an office nook.. music area, sewing corner, etc.  Anytime you can carve out  extra space like this, we say go for it.  It can make the difference between ‘needing’ an extra bedroom, and not!

BedroomMaster Bedroom – Once again big windows to bring the outdoors right inside your small home!  Floor to ceiling window treatments give a ‘big’ feel, and how about the light and bright fun picture over the bed?  Love it.

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BathroomSmall Bathroom – White is always a great choice for a small bath.  The solid glass door on the tub opens up the space visually.

View from the insideView – If you decide to make your home in a condo, go for the view!  It can make the difference of how you feel about your day to day life.. This condo has a garden view to enjoy, but city views are pretty amazing too!
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Community Features - Pool
Condo Amenities – Other pluses with condo living are pools, hottubs, workout facilities.. and the possibility for all kinds of perks that would cost a lot extra if you had to purchase individually for a single family home.  Just something to consider..

Photos Courtesy of MLS# 7826172