1200 Square Foot Destin Lake Cottage

Step inside lovely 1200 Square Foot Destin Lake Cottage. Don’t let the modest size fool you.. this small house is packed with design ideas.

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This cottage has a view of the bay and is on the lake too. It has a screened-in porch to relax and enjoy or go hang out in the sun on the dock and fish. They catch big bass in this lake. The floors have been updated with 16″ tile on the diagonal and the kitchen is light and bright. Courtesy of destinpropertyforsale.com

Front view

“The home where your heart is”. The lamp post situated at the front of the house just before the steps gives out the “this is your home” vibe. The landscaping is really impressive as well.

Living Area 2

Bright red sofas. White walls and red-colored sofas definitely complement each other. One more thing I noticed here is the windows built all around which gives the living room a more welcoming vibe. Your visitor friends will love it there.

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Living Area

This is the other angle of the living room – overlooking the porch. The floors have somewhat dated 16” diagonal tiles. Multi-colored carpet right under the center table adds nice touch. The glass doors going to the porch definitely a plus.


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Dining Area

I love that the dining area has a view of the lake side. I also like the glass table here with the gray-colored chairs going along with it. The windows here are rather huge, right? And they are all over which is a good thing, I feel.

Bedroom 2

There are two bedrooms in this house. This is one of them. Two single beds really makes this carpeted room spacey enough for kids or visitors.


No comment. 🙂


Take a look at this photo of the screened-in porch! You’ll be in awe on this one. With the view of the lake side and the bay area as well, you will surely want to hang-out in this part of the house more often. This looks breezy and decorated enough to make it your favorite part of the house especially during summer. You can also choose to dine here, if that makes it more appetizing in the sense. There’s a dock right outside the porch and you can fish there.

View From Lake

This is the lake-side view of the cottage. The landscaping is lovely. There is a dock, as I have mentioned above and you can choose to fish or just sit there at the end and dip your toes in the water as you contemplate..

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The Nest Small Cottage

A romantic Italian small cottage set amid Italy’s countryside This romantic cottage, 431 square feet, was once a barn for goats.

I have found the coolest small cottage on the planet, called The Nest.. If the name alone doesn’t conjure up a charming, quaint, small house, the pictures definitely will.

This romantic cottage was once a barn for goats.. but now you can actually stay in the 431 square foot dream house (for two.)  We’ll give you all the contact info at bottom of post.  For now, let’s jump in and look at the cottage pictures!  Prepare to be amazed.

Outside View of The Nest
Could it get any more charming?  And it’s located in Italy’s Langhe region: A hilly area to the south and west of the river Tanaro in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont.  The stone house with tile roof amidst a rural countryside… I’m there!  Apparently this area has not been invaded by mass tourism, yet.

Entrance Door

Really, for this charming cottage, I’m mainly going to let the pictures speak for themselves.. But would you look at the view from inside?  OK, I’ll hush up now..

Living Area

Living Area Corner

Small Kitchen Area

I have to say this (because I’m very picky about it).. Look how clean this house is.  And is it too cute how they’ve carved a space under the stairs for a tiny kitchen?  Just goes to show how you can indeed get optimum living space from the smallest of spaces.  AND the small kitchen even has a tiny window!

Dining Area

Bedroom from another angleWow!  Love the high ceiling with wood and wood beams.  Rustic and warm.  Perfect balance for the hardwood floors and crisp white small bedroom.


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Small Bedroom Door
I am SO digging these doors. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything like them. You won’t find those at Lowes! Notice the doorknob.. cute little lizard.

small bathroom
Man.. this tiny cottage continues to delight. Sweet bath! Love the sink..now you can get those at Lowes.. although it looks like a stone sink so it would definitely be a special order.

PatioNow for a little rest and relaxation, we go out to the backyard. Can’t you almost hear the silence? 🙂

Backyard Barbecue



Flowers by the Pool

A pool? Well, I guess so. You’ll want to contact owner to make sure it’s a private pool, but it certainly appears that way.

Swimming Pool

View from the Pool

Now that you’ve seen the Nest, here is more info about this charming cottage to rent taken from the travel guide.  The Nest cottage website is >> Cascinaadami.it

The numerous villages of “Alta Langa”, full of rural life and rich of culture, can not only generate ideas about interesting tourist and cultural activities but also a lot of opportunity for who is interested by the traditional gastronomical culture. Indeed Murazzano is well known for his “toma”, a sheep milk cheese, for his hazelnuts and for his ancient restaurants. Murazzano is the ideal place where to spend relaxing holidays in touch with nature and rural life.

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Quaint Cottage – Small House has it all

Come along to tour this quaint cottage. This small house has gorgeous curb appeal.. The three bedrooms and one bath lives big at 1560 sq. ft.

Come along as we tour this quaint cottage.  Talk about curb appeal in a small house!  And behind that pretty face, are three bedrooms and one bath contained within 1560 square feet.   This small house makes it into our small house gallery because of the spaciousness of the living space.  Photos courtesy of Realtor.com MLS# 776566

Front Elevation of quaint small house

A very nice facade for a home, isn’t it? It’s almost like a dream home of young lovers starting out in their first home…. But this, I think, can be turned into a family home overflowing with children.. or maybe the perfect place to retire.   Quaint cottage.

Front 2

I included this picture so you’ll have a closer look of the front elevation..  
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Before we even step inside, we can see that they did a great job on the exterior part of this small house. The color is classic (for a classic home) and the wood front door gives it just enough interest.

Main Floor View

The main floor view above: I like that the main floor is quite spacey.   It is a bit cluttered.. at least for my taste.. but this area is roomy.  The hardwood floors are perfect and in great shape.. I love wood floors. It gives you the ‘homey’ and simple feeling.  Nothing quite like them for classic decor.

Living Room

This photo of the living room gives you the idea on what furniture and other décors you can put in. I like that the windows are all over – makes the whole room well ventilated and light and bright.  Personally, dark rooms are just too depressing for me.  Let the sun shine in!

Dining Area

Oh yeah, we definitely have a formal groove here in this small house.  But I’m still amazed that even with a ‘fussy’ look, there is still a lot of space for only 1560 square feet.

Alright, even though our quaint cottage is way too formal for my taste, I kinda like this master bedroom. 
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In fact, I like it a lot.  The green and white is fresh, and compliments beautifully with the wood furniture.

Now here’s a treat!  Cozy back yard deck surrounded by an English garden.  The only way you can get away with an uncovered area like this is if you either live in a cold area where you need that sun, or if the back of the house does not face west.

A broader view of the deck and garden.  This is really a gorgeous, spacious back yard.  Notice how they used greenery to create a privacy hedge waaay at the back of this picture.  While you can still see the neighbors over sized backyard building, it’s not unsightly due to the thick trees.

It sure is nice when your small house has an outdoor living space such as this quaint cottage.. It’s something to think about when designing your perfect living in a small house.

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