New Braunfels TX Craftsman Bungalow

Charming Craftsman Bungalow vacation rental in New Braunfels TX. 1200 square foot craftsman style bungalow lives big with

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Craftsman is one of my favorite styles, and we have lots of pictures to show you.

Fun way to see how a 1200 square foot, two bedroom, two bath small house actually lives.

Direct link to this Charming Crafstman Bungalow.

New Braunfels Cottage to rent

It doesn’t get any better than this!  Notice how they coordinate the steps with the windows?  One of the beauties of wood windows.  FYI, for those of you who don’t live in TX, we rarely use wooden windows.

Typically you’ll find vinyl or even aluminum.. with only the more expensive (like a million+) homes with wood windows.

New Braunfels Living Room

What is great about this living room is that it’s tastefully modern.. Plus light and bright.  Just goes to show a bungalow does not have to be dark and drab.. as we often see.

Love the stain glass windows.  FYI, when I first started building homes in Texas, I had stained glass custom designed for each home as my signature.

Hmmm, I’m assuming they have a TV attached to the brackets you see over the fireplace?

New Braunfels Dining Room

A perfect blend of traditional and new in this craftsman dining room

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Gotta have those amazing hardwood floors… And the transoms over the interior door.  Nice!

New Braunfels Kitchen to Outside

Craftsman Kitchen – Simple and lovely.. Only elements I’d change are the appliances.  Imagine stainless steel.

My guess is that if this was not a vacation home, but a full time residence, they have added stainless appliances.

New Braunfels Kitchen

Better view of the ‘baby’ tile as I like to call it.  Comes in full size sheets typically 12×12 or 13×13.. and it’s pretty easy to install.  Notice the traditional cabinet door pulls.

New Braunfels Master Suite

Comfy master suite.. Design Tip: If you’re building new, as much as I love transoms over interior doors, I would not put one over a bedroom or the master bath.

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Hall bath would be fine.. but imagine you’re in the master bathroom and someone is trying to sleep in the master bedroom.  The light from the bath will shine through the transom. Same with that hall light you see.

New Braunfels TX Cottage bathroom

Speaking of master baths.. You know how much I’m partial to black and white baths!

New Braunfels Texas Bedroom 2

Rare that you find a bed setup like this in a vacation but personally I love it when you do because it just gives a lot more sleeping options.

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OK, moving right along.

New Braunfels Cottage bathroom 2

Do you see light blue walls?  I like that soft touch to the traditional white bath with black  and warm-wood accents.

New Braunfels Backyard of Cottage to rent

Talk about a huge yard!  Isn’t it great when a small charming home is nestled in an amazingly large outdoor living space?

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Fab location close to all things in quaint New Braunfels which is between San Antonio TX and Austin.. the music capitol, btw!  Fully furnished craftsman bungalow circa 1930. High ceilings, transom windows, romantic fireplace, oversized backyard & deck.  Complete renovation in 2010 for extra special comforts and conveniences.

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