IKEA jumps on Smaller House Bandwagon

Newsflash! IKEA designers have teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Wow, IKEA knows small homes!

Small house and IKEA? What’s the connection? Well, you’re about to find out!

IKEA design house
IKEA design house | Photo from Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

IKEA, as we all know (and really love), is known for its ready-to-assemble furniture – designs and products. They have come a long way and their products are being sold worldwide. How cool is that?

Not so long ago, it has been reported that IKEA designers teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Well, even though IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, you won’t need your wrench on this one. This small home is already ‘assembled’ and will be delivered to you as is or in two big pieces.  Cost? >> $86,500.

IKEA design house living room
IKEA design house living room | ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

And since this small home was created in collaboration with IKEA (Portland), a brand that we already trust when it comes to our furniture, this looks to be a really good deal.

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So, what does it say about small spaces? Well, as you know, small house is really ‘in’ at the moment. And we, at Small House Life, think that this isn’t just a style that will be ‘obsolete’ in the coming season – or years. This is more than just a ‘hot trend’. It means more than anything like that. With all the usual but never-ending problems homeowners (not just in the U.S. but worldwide) encounter such as huge bills, mortgages and more, it’s no wonder that most of them are becoming more and more interested in living in small house. This is, of course, to gain the huge and helpful benefits of living in one.

IKEA design house bedroom
IKEA design house bedroom | Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

What are the benefits, you ask? Well, aside from the lower bills and stuff, living in a small home is kind of liberating. Mind you, living in a small home goes hand in hand with downsizing; therefore, it’s a lifestyle choice. It may not be for everyone but if it will give you a peace of mind financially, it’s definitely worth a try.

Anyway, for small home owners, IKEA jumping on the ‘small house bandwagon’ is a really good sign. And a really good news at that. Since a lot of people (including us) trust IKEA when it comes to their furniture, it’s certainly good to know that they are now designing and selling furniture purposely for small spaces. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are selling smaller furniture though. Rather, they are selling furniture that is cleverly designed to fit, work and be used in small houses. Well, that’s really good news!

More info on the ‘Aktiv’ model when you visit Ideabox website at ideabox.us/models/aktiv/.