IKEA jumps on Smaller House Bandwagon

Newsflash! IKEA designers have teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Wow, IKEA knows small homes!

Small house and IKEA? What’s the connection? Well, you’re about to find out!

IKEA design house
IKEA design house | Photo from Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

IKEA, as we all know (and really love), is known for its ready-to-assemble furniture – designs and products. They have come a long way and their products are being sold worldwide. How cool is that?

Not so long ago, it has been reported that IKEA designers teamed up with Ideabox and helped designed its (Ideabox) debut prefab home called ‘Aktiv’. Well, even though IKEA designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, you won’t need your wrench on this one. This small home is already ‘assembled’ and will be delivered to you as is or in two big pieces.  Cost? >> $86,500.

IKEA design house living room
IKEA design house living room | ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

And since this small home was created in collaboration with IKEA (Portland), a brand that we already trust when it comes to our furniture, this looks to be a really good deal.

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So, what does it say about small spaces? Well, as you know, small house is really ‘in’ at the moment. And we, at Small House Life, think that this isn’t just a style that will be ‘obsolete’ in the coming season – or years. This is more than just a ‘hot trend’. It means more than anything like that. With all the usual but never-ending problems homeowners (not just in the U.S. but worldwide) encounter such as huge bills, mortgages and more, it’s no wonder that most of them are becoming more and more interested in living in small house. This is, of course, to gain the huge and helpful benefits of living in one.

IKEA design house bedroom
IKEA design house bedroom | Ideabox.us/models/aktiv/

What are the benefits, you ask? Well, aside from the lower bills and stuff, living in a small home is kind of liberating. Mind you, living in a small home goes hand in hand with downsizing; therefore, it’s a lifestyle choice. It may not be for everyone but if it will give you a peace of mind financially, it’s definitely worth a try.

Anyway, for small home owners, IKEA jumping on the ‘small house bandwagon’ is a really good sign. And a really good news at that. Since a lot of people (including us) trust IKEA when it comes to their furniture, it’s certainly good to know that they are now designing and selling furniture purposely for small spaces. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are selling smaller furniture though. Rather, they are selling furniture that is cleverly designed to fit, work and be used in small houses. Well, that’s really good news!

More info on the ‘Aktiv’ model when you visit Ideabox website at ideabox.us/models/aktiv/.

IKEA Small House Plan 621 Square Feet

Once again we go inside an IKEA Small House. This time the IKEA house plan is 621 square feet. Pictures from Austin store shows IKEA

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Check out the IKEA house plan that’s 621 square feet.  Everyone seemed to love our first 376 square foot IKEA floorplan article so much that we decided to bring you more.  

This small house is almost twice the size as the first one!

And once again IKEA shows how you can get a whole lot of living in a very small space. You’ll get great IKEA storage ideas as well. FYI…just cuz a lot of you have asked, I don’t sell IKEA floorplans. I just took these pictures at our IKEA store.

We like to start out by showing you the actual floor plan so you can get a visual as we walk through the different IKEA rooms.

This particular small house has a nice open living, kitchen, dining area.. along with two bedrooms and one bath.

There’s even a washer and dryer in the bath so you don’t have to leave the house to do laundry.

Downsizing is not about doing without..but living abundantly in a small space.

IKEA 621 Living Kitchen

Cozy living room with a comfy sofa which could definitely be a sleeper sofa for overnight guests.

IKEA 621 Living Room

Obviously you’re going to enjoy your smaller house better if you’re organized. One of the great things about IKEA is that they have storage solutions for every room in the house.

This is an absolutely gorgeous kitchen, small house or not. I am hooked on the white subway tile, and the glossy 4×4 tile that is featured in this IKEA kitchen.

IKEA 621 Kitchen

IKEA 621 Dining

Perfectly workable dining room for four. Again notice the storage.  Remember you can always go up with storage with you’re trying to use your space most effectively.

IKEA 621 Master Bedroom

Lovely IKEA master bedroom. I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of the storage in this room, but if you’ll refer back to the floor plan, you’ll see that an entire wall is devoted to storage in this bedroom. 

And of course you can see the storage over the bed in this picture.

IKEA 621 Bathroom

Here is the small IKEA bath complete with double sinks and even a washer and dryer.

IKEA 621 Extra Bedroom

They managed to squeeze in a secondary bedroom in this tiny 621 square foot home. You could do bunk beds for a much more efficient use of space in this kids room.

IKEA 621 Extra bedroom Storage

Three areas of storage here.. The storage closet, underneath the bed storage.. and shelves at the very top near the ceiling.  Imagine the efficiency of this small bedroom if it had a bunkbed with storage underneath?  Plus it would look much more streamlined than with a plastic box under the bed.   Hey, how about the night light?

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IKEA – Small House 376 Square Feet

IKEA Small House pictures show us how to get a whole lot of living out of a tiny 376 sq. ft. floorplan. Get small house design tips along

[adrotate banner=”30″]Here is our first IKEA post of a small house.. There’s a big IKEA in Austin, Texas right off Hwy-35, as you go towards Dallas. Hubby and I went there to purchase cabinet drawer pulls and thought it would be fun for our viewers at SmallHouseLife.com to see some of IKEA’s small house decorating. So the small space you’ll see today is a 376 square foot small house with living room, kitchen and small eating nook, bedroom and small bathroom. Oh! and loads of storage.

IKEA Store Texas
Just had to show you the outside of the Austin IKEA because, number one, it’s pretty darn impressive.. you can see it for miles, but also I wanted you to get a good look at that gorgeous Texas blue sky. This picture was taken Dec. 2011.

IKEA 376 Floorplan
IKEA 376 Square Foot Floorplan

Check out the photo above to get the small house floorplan. This will help you visualize the space as we move from room to IKEA room!

IKEAS 376 Bedroom
OK, so first up is the small bedroom. A brilliant way to get the most living out of a small space. Basically the bed is built in by surrounding it with storage compartments. You have the compact bedside tables (with drawers) and hanging storage units,along with full size clothing storage units. And notice the bedside reading light attached to the wall so as not to take up precious table space.

IKEAS 376 Living

Moving right along into the small living room. You’ll have to excuse all the IKEA tags. Obviously there’s nothing I could do about that. So just try and tune them out! Again, storage units mounted overhead to take advantage of the dead space over the sofa. See how the ottoman doubles as storage?

Smart, and you can now get an array of different sized and colors of ottomans almost everywhere these days.. Marshall’s, Ross’s, TJ Max.

IKEAS Living Room

Here another view of the small living room as you look to the kitchen. I like how they used one floor type for continuity into one space from another. This is an easy trick to use to extend the feeling of space when you actually have practically none. 🙂

IKEAS KitchenAhhh, we’re at the galley kitchen. Who would have thought they could even get dining seating in here, but they did! Run the major components against one wall..

Fridge, sink, stove, with complete storage cabinets. Then the other side of the small kitchen is utilized for the dining space and even a butcher block table for additional prep space. The next picture is a close up of the storage space you see over the dining table.

IKEA Kitchen shelfAs promised, a closer look at the storage unit over the dining table. Even though IKEA went for a more decorative look, you could use the storage cubes for cook books, dishes, etc.

So, there you have it.. our first ever IKEA small house tour. We’ll have more soon!

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