8 Ways to Organize Your Small Bathroom

Eight Ways to Organize Your Small Bathroom: When you live in a small home, one of the top priorities is to

8 Ways to Organize Your Small Bathroom: When you live in a small home, one of the top priorities is to maximize your space. Contrary to popular belief you can store items in a chic way, and keep clutter at bay.

Organizing is becoming more mainstream with shows like Clean House and Hoarders, so we now have endless options to organize.

If you need a little help to get your creative juices flowing, don’t fret, below are eight ways to get started.

Cut the Junk in Your Small Bathroom

The bathroom is a wonderful place to store random items you don’t need. How many half empty hair spray bottles do you have? What about the number of half used disposable razors? One of the best ways to start any organization project is to cut the junk. Bring in a big trash bag or box and start throwing unused items away. If you don’t know if you should keep it or throw it, recall the last time you used it. Chances are you don’t use it often enough to keep it.

Baskets and Storage Bins

Once you have purged access items, it’s time to decide where to keep them. Group like items together to make access of each item easier. For example, all hair products can go in one area, dental care items in another and so on. But these items in decorative baskets or storage bins for easy access that adds a touch of flair.

small bathroom basket for vanity

Organize the Small Bathroom Vanity

Whether you have a single or double bathroom vanity cabinets, they need to be organized. Besides adding baskets or storage bins, purchasing drawer organizers is a great idea.

This allows for things like your toothbrush and other small items to be accessible and not lost in the shuffle.

Utilize Your Door in Small Bathrooms

Adding hooks to the back of your bathroom door opens up the space to hand extra towels, robes or even clothes if you need to. Whether you are organizing your small bathroom or other small space, it’s a good rule of thumb to go vertical. The more you hang, the less you have to worry about items taking up precious square footage.

Shelves for Small Bathrooms

small bathroom organizer

The space behind the toilet is often regarded as “dead space”, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can find plenty of shelving options to use around the toilet. This can add a great deal of vertical real-estate in your small bathroom.

Less is More in Small Bathrooms

Keeping your counters clear in your bathroom is a must. To have a bathroom that looks decluttered, and organized, your counters are one of the first things in your line of vision. If you don’t have the cabinet space, investing in multi-purpose items is a great way to clear up the junk. Check out this 5-in-1 organizer.

Get Vertical in the Shower

How many times have you tried to squeeze more space out of your bathtub? Households with more than one person living in them can see how fast clutter is accumulated in the shower/bathtub area. A great option for this problem is to go vertical. Adding shelves around the bathtub, or a rack around the shower head really utilizes all the space you have.

Tissue Tower

With all the space you don’t have under the sink it can be a challenge in deciding where to keep extra toilet paper rolls. Tissue towers are a great way to keep multiple rolls close without taking up much space. A win, win.

Guest Post: Miguel Salcido is an avid blogger, father of 2 and a recent proud home owner. He loves studying home design and decor and has his eyes on purchasing some walk in bathtubs for his home.