Coolest PreFab Home by Home Depot

Home Depot’s prefab Living Home is the absolute coolest prefab home I’ve seen to date. Find the floorplan and all the gorgeous design features

The LivingHome Long Beach beauty is the coolest prefab home I’ve seen to date. You will love, love the small house design elements.

I am absolutely in love with this revolutionary new prefabricated home that combines clean, modern design with an environmental program and inspired materials

This affordable prefab LivingHome offers:

3 bedrooms – 1,232 sf
42′ w x 36′ d x12′ h
$145/sf – starting at $179,000

Of course you have to figure that the cost does not include garage, the lot or land, utilities, prep, etc.  The Home Depot Photos courtesy of

Small House Floor Plan

The C6 includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and 1232 square feet.  There’s another one called the C6.2 that offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1,100 square feet. Both feature open floor plans, and lots of storage, light and warmth.

Small House Front Elevation

The Home Depot Living Home is designed by LivingHomes staff in collaboration with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and architect William McDonough to build 150 affordable, sustainable homes in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward.  This was the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

Small Home Living Room

Small House Kitchen - Dining Area

This house has everything.. windows in the kitchen, a breakfast bar, lots of storage, even an amazing dining room light fixture!  Check out the pantry to the left of the fridge.

Small House Master Bedroom

Look at the transoms over the windows for added light.

Small House Bedroom

Small House Bathroom

Again, big transoms for lots of light.  Love the sinks.  These are my fav kind of sinks right now.. You can get them at Home Depot or even Amazon.

Small House Bedroom Office

Small House Terrace