Is Downsizing the Right Size for You?

Downsizing your home is definitely a lifestyle choice.. and many of us go into a small house with both boots forward. But is downsizing the

Downsizing your home is definitely a lifestyle choice.. and many of us go into a small house with both boots forward.

But downsizing should feel liberating, not restrictive, and if you do feel deprived, maybe.. just maybe, downsizing is not the right size for you. Gasp!

So how do you know? How do you decide if you should pull up roots and go for a more streamlined approach to life with a smaller home, or stay put?

Well, let’s talk about that for a minute.

Question:  Are you excited about the prospect of moving to a scaled down home, or is fear more dominant?

Let’s face it, most people don’t like change.. Now, personally I embrace it wholeheartedly, but I know I’m not the norm.. So understand that a little bit of apprehension is to be expected. Especially if you’re moving out of the family home or to an entirely new town. What I’m asking is if your reluctance is just a bit of fear of the change, or if it’s because you really don’t want to go..

On the flip side, you might be pretty darn excited about downsizing and all it entails, and it feels right for you.

Does the idea of getting rid of a bunch of junk sound liberating?

Obviously we can rid ourselves of clutter and still live in a big house, but it’s a different feeling when you’re decluttering to downsize versus staying put.

For awhile (and actually I’m still up for it) my hubby and I talked about ditching it all and sailing on a boat for a year or two. So for several years whenever we were in a store and wanted to buy something for our home, we’d laugh and say, “Well, will it fit on the boat?” First off, we saved a ton of money! But it also got us to thinking about how much stuff we really wanted or needed. So we started ridding our bigger home of unnecessary ‘junk’ way before we even thought about downsizing to a small house.

Will downsizing to a small home put you in a better place financially, and does it matter?

When I decided to start, I assumed many of my visitors would be a lot like me.. Forty something, OK fine.. fifty something.. kids moved out.. money in the bank, a fair amount of assets.  Satisfied with life, yet at the same time, wanting more!

I mean we could have stayed in our big house, but to have what we really want in life, something had to give.  For us to travel frequently, get our house paid for, have more money to bless others, we had to take a good hard look at our finances.  Combine that with a desire to live a less wasteful live.. and the fact that I love to design and build efficiently, for us it was a no-brainer.

I don’t know where you are financially, and if it matters that downsizing will most likely put you in a better place financially.  Only you can decide that.  I can tell you what helped my husband and I decide.  We sat down and brainstormed our dream lifestyle.   What would our lives look like if we could do whatever we wanted to do?  And when we soul searched about what was really important to us, the preferred way to get there was to right size by downsizing!

Final Thoughts

Downsizing is not about doing without.. I want to be very clear about that.  Personally I view it as a strategic move to actually have more in my life.  More of what’s important, anyway.  And don’t forget, I come from a building background so I love pretty houses.. just now my pretty house is more modest in size, and more fitting with what I value.

I’d love to hear about your journey.. Do you live in a small house now, or are you just beginning to consider downsizing? You can catch me on Twitter > Let’s talk on Twitter

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