Keeping Your Home Safe

Every home should take extra precautions against intruders, and the good news is that most of these measures are easy to implement and..

Keeping your family safe is a top priority obviously, and that usually means keeping your home safe.  Every household should take certain precautions to make sure that the home is as safe as it can be and, ironically, most of these precautions are easy and inexpensive.

Burglar at your Small HomeInstall deadbolt locks in your doors. The traditional locks that are installed in most homes and apartments are fairly simple and flimsy and can easily be jimmied by even the most inexperienced burglar.  Deadbolt locks are built to be longer and stronger and therefore more impervious to manipulation by an intruder.

Install motions detectors. This is especially important in areas of your property that are not exposed to the public view.  You can put in a motion detector that goes off with an alarm, but in most areas, this would cause problems in case it went off by mistake. A motion detector that turns on a light will deter all but the most determined of thieves, and it may also serve as an aid if you are getting into your own back door at night.

Install exterior lights.  Even the small “we’ll keep the light on for you” porch light serves as a deterrent to intruders. Never mind the small drain on the electric bill (use energy saver bulbs); keep a light on low so that everyone knows that someone is at home. This is even more important when you go away, and no one is at home!

Keep entrances to your home clear. Make sure you have no large bushes or trees blocking the doorway or windows of your home.  Foundation plantings that become large and obtrusive are a perfect place for a burglar to spend some time cutting windows or jimmying locks.

Keep your windows locked.  It amazes security professionals to find out that so many burglaries occurred because the intruder was able to simply open a window and walk in.  All modern and even older windows have lock mechanisms. Use them.

Install a security alarm system.  This is the only expensive precaution that you may consider using, and if you feel that your home or neighborhood may be especially targeted, it is probably well worth the additional expense, even once you have taken the other low cost, common sense precautions.

Start today, and go from easy (keep your windows locked) to high (install a security alarm system), but any of these steps that you take will take you one step closer to keeping your home and from easy (keep your windows locked) to high (install a security alarm system), but any of these steps that you take will take you one step closer to keeping your home and your family safe.

We think of keeping our homes safe by keeping the ‘bad’ people out, but what if we are letting them in unknowingly? Before hiring a plumber, babysitter or even a cleaning lady, use a background check to find out just who will be entering your home.

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