Small Backyard Ideas

Small Backyard Ideas for a Backyard Paradise because you can create your own private oasis even with limited space.

Your Small Backyard Paradise

Small Backyard Ideas: A small backyard nowadays is just not a design issue anymore. In fact, you can have practically everything a big space has but scaled down to fit your own personal backyard paradise. Today, with more people downsizing, there are all kinds of ideas and products to make your small space just as desirable as the ‘big boys.’
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First let’s consider what activities you’d like to do in your backyard space.. and look at ideas on how to accomplish that.

Small Backyard Activities

Relaxing, reading, sunning.
Eating, grilling, entertaining.
Gardening, flower and vegetable
Playing, swimming, spa, lawn games.

Obviously we all have different desires and opinions on what will make up our own personal backyard paradise, but you get the idea.

Consider a Pergola for Relaxing

small pergola
Photo courtesy of

Whether you have a back porch or not, a pergola can offer a shaded, cozy sitting area. It doesn’t have to be huge to make a “paradise” statement. If you’re into gardening, you can grow climbing vines up the pergola to create that happy place you’ve always dreamed of.

You gotta have a Grill for Barbeque

For me, a backyard isn’t complete without a grill. Nothing beats the flavor of grilled foods. Amazon has loads of barbecue grill bargains and we’ve already researched the best reviewed for you!

[note color=”#F3F8FB”]Note: If you’re grilling steak on Sunday, include chicken and hamburgers that you can pack up and serve Monday and Tuesday of that week.. Easy![/note]

A complete outdoor kitchen is another possibility. I know we are talking small backyards here, but a compact kitchen can easily fit into a six foot stretch of your porch. Typically, grills for outdoor kitchens are more expensive than a free standing grill, but if grilling is your thing, you might want to consider the splurge.

Water Features: Spa, Fountain, Pool, Pond

Water Fountain - Cara Classica at garden-fountains
Elegant Water Fountain

You may have seen my water features at our ‘big house.’

I’ve bought my own water fountains here. Nothing beats the sound of trickling water on a hot summer afternoon.

Adding water features to your backyard paradise is a splurge worth indulging.. At least in my book! I just love the sound of a fountain..

Or, you might want the benefits of a soothing spa.

Even a pool for that matter! I’ve had my eye on those swimming-in-place pools myself. They don’t take up much space and you still get a pool.. The $20,000+ cost is the only thing holding me back from that splurge.

Tiny Balcony Instead of a Backyard

Tiny balcony
Photo courtesy of

I absolutely love this picture and had to include it in our Small Backyard Paradise article because it goes to show that even though you ‘backyard’ may simply be a minuscule balcony, you can still enjoy it.  Look how there is an appealing spot for sitting with a friend while sipping sweet tea.. And the small space didn’t deter this home owner from gardening, now did it?

Hope this gave you some great ideas for your own small backyard paradise.

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