Five Inexpensive Ideas to Brighten a Small Room

Five Inexpensive Ideas to Brighten a Small Room whether it’s a living room, bedroom or guest room, our creative ideas

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Making a small room ‘light and bright’ can be an easy task – with the right creative ideas. Be it a small living room, bedroom, study, bathroom or a simple guest room, it’s much nicer to look at when you can see all of it. It makes everything bigger, as a matter of fact. Certainly does the trick.

Brightening up a small room also gives out the home-y feeling I believe all of us want in our own abode. So not to worry if you have a small space.  Embrace it!  ..and lighten it up so your small room lives large!

How, you may ask. Well, here are some ideas on how to brighten up a small room.

Brighten Up a Small Room with Bright Fabrics

Fixate on the words, “bright fabrics”. You’ll be surprised on what an appropriate bright fabric like this window curtain can do to your bedroom, for example. In your bedroom, make sure that you choose a color that makes you happy.. perhaps a bright curtain, bedspread.. or even just a pillow or two to bring a little pizazz to your small room!

I know, I know, if your favorite colors are neutral, then we may have a problem :). But if you really want to brighten up your room, you may want to add a cheerful pattern. At the least, add a bold red or blue, or some pop of color to your neutrals.

Brighten Up a Small Room with Paint

Paint the town.. so to speak! But not a dull, boring color.. but something light and bright.

It’s obvious. If you want to lighten up the mood of the room, small or not, you will want to settle on white or other shades that resembles the color white. Beige, cream, ivory, magnolia, vanilla, white wine; these are all shades of white. Go nuts! Paint your room with any of these colors.

[note color=”#FFffCC”]I found (in Coastal Living magazine)  a new white paint I can’t wait to try. Tim Clarke recommended it because he said it’s “a creamy white hue that isn’t bright and reflective like other whites.” Pratt & Lambert China White (33-8)[/note]

Brighten a Small Room when You De-clutter

This book Getting Organized: Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity has a 5-star Amazon rating. fyi, thanks if you purchase thru our Amazon affiliate links.. You help stay up and running! 🙂

I am not a messy gal but sometimes even with the best of intentions, my surroundings start getting a bit cluttered. Especially my office area.

I work at home so I’m in ‘it’ 24/7 ..  But if you want a light and positive mood going around your home (small house or not), you will want to de-clutter and remove those unwanted things scattered around. This may be a bit hard to maintain especially if you have a toddler, or work full time outside the house.  So, I really suggest decluttering – helps a lot in sooo many other ways.  I say declutter your home, declutter your mind.

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Brighten a Small Room with Indoor Plants

Add house plants. They help clean the air inside the room. There’s nothing more comforting than to see something leafy inside your lovely abode. Indoor plants tend to produce a calm, stress-reliever effect.

Brighten a Small Room with Natural Light

The simple solution sometimes when lightening up a room is to let the natural thing take over. Open those windows, push aside your curtains and just simply let the great sunshine in your room.  FYI, You can get this bright and cheerful Comforter Set here.  Light and bright small space – I can live with that!