Five Inexpensive Ideas to Brighten a Small Room

Five Inexpensive Ideas to Brighten a Small Room whether it’s a living room, bedroom or guest room, our creative ideas

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Making a small room ‘light and bright’ can be an easy task – with the right creative ideas. Be it a small living room, bedroom, study, bathroom or a simple guest room, it’s much nicer to look at when you can see all of it. It makes everything bigger, as a matter of fact. Certainly does the trick.

Brightening up a small room also gives out the home-y feeling I believe all of us want in our own abode. So not to worry if you have a small space.  Embrace it!  ..and lighten it up so your small room lives large!

How, you may ask. Well, here are some ideas on how to brighten up a small room.

Brighten Up a Small Room with Bright Fabrics

Fixate on the words, “bright fabrics”. You’ll be surprised on what an appropriate bright fabric like this window curtain can do to your bedroom, for example. In your bedroom, make sure that you choose a color that makes you happy.. perhaps a bright curtain, bedspread.. or even just a pillow or two to bring a little pizazz to your small room!

I know, I know, if your favorite colors are neutral, then we may have a problem :). But if you really want to brighten up your room, you may want to add a cheerful pattern. At the least, add a bold red or blue, or some pop of color to your neutrals.

Brighten Up a Small Room with Paint

Paint the town.. so to speak! But not a dull, boring color.. but something light and bright.

It’s obvious. If you want to lighten up the mood of the room, small or not, you will want to settle on white or other shades that resembles the color white. Beige, cream, ivory, magnolia, vanilla, white wine; these are all shades of white. Go nuts! Paint your room with any of these colors.

[note color=”#FFffCC”]I found (in Coastal Living magazine)  a new white paint I can’t wait to try. Tim Clarke recommended it because he said it’s “a creamy white hue that isn’t bright and reflective like other whites.” Pratt & Lambert China White (33-8)[/note]

Brighten a Small Room when You De-clutter

This book Getting Organized: Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity has a 5-star Amazon rating. fyi, thanks if you purchase thru our Amazon affiliate links.. You help stay up and running! 🙂

I am not a messy gal but sometimes even with the best of intentions, my surroundings start getting a bit cluttered. Especially my office area.

I work at home so I’m in ‘it’ 24/7 ..  But if you want a light and positive mood going around your home (small house or not), you will want to de-clutter and remove those unwanted things scattered around. This may be a bit hard to maintain especially if you have a toddler, or work full time outside the house.  So, I really suggest decluttering – helps a lot in sooo many other ways.  I say declutter your home, declutter your mind.

P.S. When you sign up for our Weekly Magazine you instantly receive a free copy of Get Organized in 5 Easy Steps!

Brighten a Small Room with Indoor Plants

Add house plants. They help clean the air inside the room. There’s nothing more comforting than to see something leafy inside your lovely abode. Indoor plants tend to produce a calm, stress-reliever effect.

Brighten a Small Room with Natural Light

The simple solution sometimes when lightening up a room is to let the natural thing take over. Open those windows, push aside your curtains and just simply let the great sunshine in your room.  FYI, You can get this bright and cheerful Comforter Set here.  Light and bright small space – I can live with that!


Five Easy Tips to Expand Your Small Space

Easy tips for your small space. Super simple ways to expand the use of your small spaces while making them feel bigger, too!

Your small space does not have to feel cramped or be inefficient. Remember, living in a small house is not about doing without. Here we’ll show you super simple ways to expand the use of your small spaces while making them feel bigger, too!

1) Declutter

First and foremost, you gotta get rid of all the extra stuff. This one tip alone can make you think your room is twice the size. If you need an objective ‘eye’ have a friend come in to help you sweep some of it away. Be ruthless because all that clutter serves no good purpose and it’s filling up your space making it less functional… and pleasing.. and comfortable!

Of course, along with decluttering, comes organizing. If you need a quick tip guide to declutter, you’ll receive one once you sign up for our Sunday morning Magazine. Look to the right sidebar for signup. Can’t get motivated? There’s help at >> Kick the Excuses and Get Organized

2) Multipurpose your Rooms

We touch on this at 5 Mistakes not to make with your House Plan.  It’s Tip #2.

Gone are the days that we use our homes like we’re ‘supposed’ to. Formal dining room? Who says that space has to be used as a dining room? Or you can use it as a formal dining room but multi purpose it as a library also. Guest room double duties as an office or music room. Screened in back porch can be unique sleeping porch for occasional over night guests. The list is really endless.

Bunkbed with desk underneath
Photo Courtesy of

3) Multipurpose your Furniture

Ahhh.. This is one of my favorite small space tip because we can find all kinds of multipurpose furniture in the marketplace. What are we talking about?

Bunkbeds come to mind. But not just any bunk beds; we’re talking about the ones that have double beds underneath, or desks, or futons. Extremely efficient.

Tables that have shelves underneath. Or even something as basic as having a drawer in the side table instead of just the table.

Chests used as coffee tables so you can store items in the chest. Headboards with built in bookcases.  Breakfast table that doubles as a game table.

4) Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

Is your room over stuffed with furniture that you aren’t using? When we’re talking about living in a small house, even one unused piece of furniture can be one too many. Really think about how you are using your space (or how you want to use your space.) If you have extra furniture that does not serve a purpose, get rid of it!

Take bedroom bureaus as an example. How much do you dig around in the drawers? Get rid of the big, hunky dresser and put those clothes in your closet. Whatever was on top of the bureau can go A. to charity, B. on top of bed table, C. bathroom vanity.

Can you imagine how much bigger your bedroom will feel? ..and I’m sure if you think about it, there are other furniture pieces you can live without.

5) Mirrors

Decorative mirrors as seen in this gorgeous small space, expands the visual of the room while adding a fun decorative touch.

HGTV Mirror - Decor by Erinn Valencich
Mirror Photo: HGTV - Decor by Erinn Valencich

Mirrors are an easy, inexpensive way to instantly add visual space to any room. Lean a large mirror against a wall and it will not only increase how big the room feels but you also have a place for a full length check before you head out the door.

Hang a mirror on adjacent wall from a window and it feels like you have two windows! I actually do this trick any time I have the opportunity because I love the feeling of expanding outdoor views.

In a tiny bathroom, extend a mirror across the entire wall for big visual pop like you see in our small black and white bath.

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Bunkbeds Make the Most of Your Space

Small space? No problem. Bunkbeds with futons or bunk beds with desks, double beds or other living creations make the most of your small.. twin bunkbed over fullGuest Post by Robert Lobitz with

Living in a small house or apartment presents some unique challenges. The most obvious of these is the lack of space and how to optimize your use of the few square feet that you have.

I have been living in small spaces and learning new techniques to solve this problem for many years. Here are my best suggestions for others in similar situations.

Combination furniture such as bunk beds, futon bunk beds and desk loft beds are the ultimate solution to small space woes. The most unused space in a home is vertical and you need to make use of that. You can build higher shelves but that only does so much. What are you supposed to do if you live in a studio apartment but want to have guests over? You can’t exactly spruce up the guest room for them. A classy set of adult bunk beds is your best bet. You can effectively double the sleeping space without taking up any extra floor space.

Bunkbed with desk underneath

If you’re not too concerned about having guests and increasing sleeping space then a desk loft bed is a great option. They are a perfect solution for kids’ rooms as they provide a bed and a work space for school work and projects. Using a desk loft bed in an office will help that room double as a guest room rather than just being taken up by work.

Contemporary bunkbed with futon underneath
Futon bunk beds are a great option for studios or living rooms. Every room can double as a sleeping space, even the kitchen, so don’t overlook any potential space saving solution. Placing a set of futon bunk beds where a couch would normally go doubles both the sleeping and seating space. The futon is an obvious choice for both, but with the right cushions you can turn the top bunk into balcony seating for the showing of your favorite DVD on movie night.

You’ll be surprised as to how much space you open up if you use these simple suggestions. You can also stay pretty classy with the new designs that are on the market. Just make sure that you are buying adult sized bunk beds. You don’t want to be sleeping with your feet hanging off the end of the mattress an neither do your guests.

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