IKEA Small House Plan 621 Square Feet

Once again we go inside an IKEA Small House. This time the IKEA house plan is 621 square feet. Pictures from Austin store shows IKEA

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Check out the IKEA house plan that’s 621 square feet.  Everyone seemed to love our first 376 square foot IKEA floorplan article so much that we decided to bring you more.  

This small house is almost twice the size as the first one!

And once again IKEA shows how you can get a whole lot of living in a very small space. You’ll get great IKEA storage ideas as well. FYI…just cuz a lot of you have asked, I don’t sell IKEA floorplans. I just took these pictures at our IKEA store.

We like to start out by showing you the actual floor plan so you can get a visual as we walk through the different IKEA rooms.

This particular small house has a nice open living, kitchen, dining area.. along with two bedrooms and one bath.

There’s even a washer and dryer in the bath so you don’t have to leave the house to do laundry.

Downsizing is not about doing without..but living abundantly in a small space.

IKEA 621 Living Kitchen

Cozy living room with a comfy sofa which could definitely be a sleeper sofa for overnight guests.

IKEA 621 Living Room

Obviously you’re going to enjoy your smaller house better if you’re organized. One of the great things about IKEA is that they have storage solutions for every room in the house.

This is an absolutely gorgeous kitchen, small house or not. I am hooked on the white subway tile, and the glossy 4×4 tile that is featured in this IKEA kitchen.

IKEA 621 Kitchen

IKEA 621 Dining

Perfectly workable dining room for four. Again notice the storage.  Remember you can always go up with storage with you’re trying to use your space most effectively.

IKEA 621 Master Bedroom

Lovely IKEA master bedroom. I don’t know why I didn’t think to take a picture of the storage in this room, but if you’ll refer back to the floor plan, you’ll see that an entire wall is devoted to storage in this bedroom. 

And of course you can see the storage over the bed in this picture.

IKEA 621 Bathroom

Here is the small IKEA bath complete with double sinks and even a washer and dryer.

IKEA 621 Extra Bedroom

They managed to squeeze in a secondary bedroom in this tiny 621 square foot home. You could do bunk beds for a much more efficient use of space in this kids room.

IKEA 621 Extra bedroom Storage

Three areas of storage here.. The storage closet, underneath the bed storage.. and shelves at the very top near the ceiling.  Imagine the efficiency of this small bedroom if it had a bunkbed with storage underneath?  Plus it would look much more streamlined than with a plastic box under the bed.   Hey, how about the night light?

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Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

We have to get creative for storage in small spaces when living in a small home. Unique storage ideas along with bold pictures to

Creative Ideas for Storage in Small Spaces… Space, you either have it or you don’t. Whether it’s a room or an entire home that doesn’t have much storage, there are always things you can do. Sometimes you need to think outside the box to get things done, and storage solutions are no exception.

Small office shelves
Photo Credit: inspiracionline.blogspot.com

Take Advantage of Wall Space

If you are short on closets and attic space, your walls are your next go-to. If your home office is starting to look more like a paper mill than an office, think about hanging a few shelves. Buy some fun looking paper boxes, and you got yourself a great looking office that is organize.

Storage Ideas Under Your Bed

Besides collecting dust bunnies, what else are you storing under your bed? The space is there for the taking. No matter the size of your home, if there is a bed, you have room to store things. There are plenty of ways to do this, find storage bins that roll easily under the bed, decorative baskets or even built in to your bed frame, there are plenty of ways to take advantage.

Turn a Bookcase into a ‘Secret’ Closet

If you are really tight on space, think about turning a bookshelf into a new closet. How would you do that? Buy a window treatment or decorative sheet, and hang over the shelf. Voila, you have yourself “hidden” storage, and an accent of color in your room.

Burgundy Bonded Leather Chair and Storage Ottoman

Multi-purpose Furniture

If you don’t have much wall space, the next best bet is to get your furniture playing double roles. Bunk beds are perfect for double duty.

There are plenty of chic ottomans to chose from that also double as a storage unit. What about your coffee table? There are also great choices when it comes to extra storage under the table.

You can find lots of fantastic storage ideas at Overstock!

Storage Ideas – Decorative Storage Bins

Long gone are the days of ugly, bulky plastic storage bins. There are now many options, and most allow you to store things out “in the open.” Whether you want to stack decorative baskets under your coffee table, or stack cloth bins in your laundry room, storage bins have gotten a major upgrade.

Small Kitchen sink organization
Photo Credit: bhg.com

Tackle Underneath the Kitchen Sink

The more organized you are, the more space you inherit. How many cleaning supplies and dish soap products do you have under your sink?  You could invest in a two-tier wire rollout rack as seen in the picture here.  This will free up your kitchen sink for more space, and hopefully make it easier to find things.

In the end the choice comes down to creativity. A bookshelf might not just be for books, the wall can double as a handy place to store things and your bed is there for more than just sleep.

[note color=”#F8F8f8″]Guest Post by Miguel Salcido (TheHouseDesigners.com), an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture, small house plans, home design and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.[/note]