Small House Size

What is the best small house size for you? We explore tiny houses, mid range, and bigger small houses. There is a size for everyone as..

What is the best home size for you?

Here you’ll find a full range of small house size with descriptions to help you decide what works best for your lifestyle. And ‘small’ is relative, of course. We’ve seen people downsize to a 3000 square foot home, but that’s not really what we’re talking about here.

We consider an average small house size to be around 1200-1600 square feet.  Do you think downsizing is right for you?

Photo: Tumbleweed - Zinn

Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses are generally 100-160sq.ft.. can go up to 600-800 square feet.. but can be as tiny as 65sq. feet.  Wheewee, did you get all that?

You may have heard of the teeny house movement. The Tumbleweed Houses (owner Jay Shaffer) perhaps put tiny houses on the map.

Originally the tiny houses were between 65-130 square feet, but recently on his website, I’ve noticed the tiny houses go all the way up to a three bedroom, two bath cottage that is a whopping 874 square feet. LOL My guess is Jay decided to expand his ‘tiny’ idea to incorporate main stream America. Anyway, tiny house enthusiasts can chose from quite a selection of avenues as the wee homes become more popular.  Free house plans found at

Typical Small Houses

Typical Small Houses are about 800-1600 square feet: This size small house is perfect for those who want to live simply; maybe downsizing from a larger home.  My hubby and I were very happy to downsize from our big house.

This moderate range of square footage is not as radical as the tiny houses, and more people can imagine themselves in this size.. You’ll still have plenty of room to entertain and have over night guests.  And you’ll probably have decent resale value with this size.

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Bigger Small Houses

Bigger Small House Photo

Bigger Small Houses – Anywhere between 1600-2000: We had to include the larger small house because this is a true downsize for someone who has lived in a 5000 square foot home, for example. I mean size is relative and I can remember a time that I considered a 2000 square foot house as ‘moving up.’ Now? I just want to simplify my life so my husband and I have the means to travel and enjoy life more fully.

Being in a small home can free up more cash so we can get out and explore this beautiful world we live in.. and you get to decide what small house size is right for you!