You want a website?

Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95

We have so many people ask if we’ll create a website for them, that we finally decided to put up a page for easy reference on what we can offer.

Website Plan includes:

1) Website on WordPress platform using free WP theme
2) Four Pages – Home page, About page, Contact page, Blog
You supply the content for the Home & About page. We’ll load it and do the SEO
3) One email address set up
4) Five Plugins installed:

  • SEO pack so each page can be search engine optimized
  • Google XML Sitemap – helps Google crawl your site for fast indexing and visibility
  • Contact Form – linked to email of your choice so you’re never out of touch
  • Social Media – so visitors can easily share your pages with friends
  • Mobile compatibility¬† – other companies charge $5.95 monthly fee for this!

Price for Website Planthis does not include hosting & domain cost
$1075. without using our Hostgator affiliate link
$999. if you use our Hostgator affiliate link ($76. savings to you!)
Hostgator Order Page At ‘Select Your Type of Hosting’, hit ‘Shared Hosting’

Extra Addons:
$125. Logo – this includes 5 mock ups (no revisions; you choose from the 5)
$125. Header – 2 mock ups with 2 revisions on the one chosen
$15-20 per plugin depending upon complexity of setup
$20. per additional page – you supply the content and we’ll load and SEO it.
$75. per 500-word page written + $15. we’ll load and SEO it.
$50. 30 minute training on the backend of your site
$100. if you don’t want to display Website Creation link in your footer.

List of WP themes to choose from

Large Selection of Cool Themes
Nice Theme
Little bit crazy theme

So, you’re ready to get this puppy rolling. Now what?


Email us to make sure we have time to do your website. Shoot the email to Dee Put in subject line – ‘Website Creation Request.’


Next, you need hosting and domain name. Assuming you’re buying with our affiliate link for big discount on the Website Plan, you’ll start here.

Go to ‘TOOLS’ in your upper browser.
Click on ‘Clear Recent History’
Make sure ‘Cookies’ is checked
Hit the ‘Clear Now’ button


Now use our Hostgator affiliate link below to buy hosting and your domain. If you already have a domain, that’s OK but you must purchase Hostgator hosting thru our link to qualify for Website discount.¬† BTW, we use Hostgator hosting company for our sites.

When you get to Hostgator, select the ‘Hatchling Plan’ if you only want one website. You can upgrade later if you add more websites.

Select the ‘Baby Plan’ if you want multiple websites.

Hatchling Plan for 12 months is currently $5.56 per month. After you hit ‘Order Now’ it’ll prompt you to enter either the domain you’d like to buy, or your existing domain.

At time of this post, one year Hatchling plan with new domain is $81.72.  Heck of a deal.


Once you’ve completed the transaction, send us (Dee your Hostgator confirmation number for us to verify that we got credit for sale.


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